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Steve Jobs Death: Tech Innovator's Simple Style Spawns Mock Turtleneck Trend

Steve Jobs Death: Tech Innovator's Simple Style Spawns Mock Turtleneck Trend

Steve Jobs has not only influenced the world of technology, in his passing he is also influencing the world of fashion.

The former Apple CEO, who died Wed., Oct. 5, is not only being remembered this week for his courage and technical vision. The visionary is also being admired for his mock turtleneck.

According to TMZ, the company that makes the tech innovator's favorite sweaters has reported that Job's death has increased the sale of its product.

A representative from the St. Croix clothing brand said that as soon as news broke that Jobs had passed, their mock turtlenecks flew off the shelves. The rep said that St. Croix has seen an "almost 100% increase in sales" since Wednesday.

The company is apparently so grateful to jobs that it is planning a memorial for the Apple Icon, when it decides on an appropriate tribute.

"We have a great respect for everything he did and we're glad he believed in our American-made product," said the company representative.

The reaction to Jobs' fashion sense is not entirely unexpected, as this past August The Huffington Post wrote:

"It is sort of amazing that a man who brought so many innovative creations to the tech world and had little to do with fashion managed to develop, perhaps unconsciously, such an iconic style: when we think of Steve Jobs, we think of black turtlenecks."

The website added:

"Some have tried to mimic his sartorial simplicity (in June, when tech geeks figured out one of the sweater brands Jobs wears, the company, VONROSEN, was flooded with orders),but few can recreate it."

VONROSEN for its part wrote: "Many Apple fans around the world are wondering which sweaters Steve Jobs wears. We just wanted to let you know that at the WWDC 2011 on Monday he was wearing our VONROSEN sweater."

Here is a reel of Steve Jobs and his iconic style (compiled before his death):


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