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'The Fosters' Season 4B Spoilers & Updates: Drama Show Casts 'Mann & Wife' Star John Marshall Jones as Detective Bruckner – Is He a Friend or an Enemy?

'The Fosters' Season 4B Spoilers & Updates: Drama Show Casts 'Mann & Wife' Star John Marshall Jones as Detective Bruckner – Is He a Friend or an Enemy?

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"The Fosters" Season 4B will return to Freeform next year with a new character to watch out for. The hit LGBT-themed family drama booked "Mann & Wife" star John Marshall Jones to join the cast members in a recurring role.

Jones' Character: A Friend or an Enemy?

Deadline reported that Jones will appear in "The Fosters" Season 4B as Detective Bruckner, a distrustful and hardworking officer. The details of Jones' character are still kept under wraps, but Carter Matt predicted that the storyline of the detective is more likely intertwined to Stef (Teri Polo) or Callie (Maia Mitchell).

Aside from appearing as a lieutenant in Bounce TV's "Mann & Wife", Jones recently portrayed special agent Jay Griffen in "Bosch", Wally Maynard in "Hart of Dixie", and Dan Glover in "The Mentalist". The 54-year-old American actor also did movie projects with some prominent Hollywood actors including Sean Penn, Forrest Whittaker, Jamie Foxx and Robin Williams.

"The Fosters" Season 4B: What to Expect

The first half of the fourth season ended with almost all members of the Adams-Foster family in great jeopardy. The final scenes of the summer finale saw Jesus (Noah Centineo) collapsing after Nick (Louis Hunter) hit his sensitive forehead. Moreover, Callie found herself trapped in a car with the possible true murderer of Mrs. Johnson.

Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) and Brandon (David Lambert) were also in great trouble. Mariana slowly reaped the consequences of her ADHD drug addiction with her poor grades and hallucinations. On the other hand, Brandon learned that he is not going to Julliard after the discovery of his SAT cheating scandal.

In an interview after the heartbreaking season finale, executive producer Peter Paige told EW that there is always hope for the troubled Adams-Foster kids. He said that they will surely figure out a way to get out from their difficult situations.

Paige hinted that Jesus and Callie will not die in the second half of the fourth season. He teased that Jesus will be a changed person after the near-death experience, while Callie will find a way to get out of the car. He also implied that the upcoming episodes will see Mariana and Brandon suffering the consequences of their past decisions.

Season 5 Renewal

As of press time, Freeform has not yet ordered a fifth season of the critically-acclaimed family drama. Although cancellation rumors swirl around because of its decline in ratings, Premiere Date predicted that the popular television series has bigger chances of getting renewed because of its massive appeal to adults and teenagers.

"The Fosters" Season 4B will premiere early next year. The pilot episode is titled "Insult to Injury".


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