Monday, November 11, 2013
'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: The Governor Returns in 'Internment'

'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: The Governor Returns in 'Internment'

"The Walking Dead" took a new turn on Sunday after the feared Governor made a brief appearance in the closing moments of the episode, leaving viewers wondering exactly what impact he will be making during the upcoming episodes.

For most of the of the episode Hershel is continually refusing to give up on those infected with the sickness that has been killing people at a steady pace.

Hershel believes that hope is still possible as he holds his beloved Bible firm. He spent much of his time removing the deceased from the cell block to terminate them before they have a chance to die and become zombies. This was Hershel's way of keeping spirits at the prison high.

"It's hard in here but we're holding it together," Hershel tells his daughter Maggie at one point.

Yet it seems as if it won't do any good. Sasha passes out from dehydration, blood oozes out of Caleb's eyes and Glenn's lungs fill with blood, causing him to choke.

Inevitably patients begin to die and become the undead, forcing Hershel to take action before more were infected. He is alone since at the same time Rick and Carl are trying to kill a wave of zombies that have breached the prison's fence.

Once the imminent danger was dealt with, clean up began. But perhaps that most dramatic moment of the episode came in the final shots as it is revealed that the Governor is watching the from the outside of the prison. The revelation has prompted varied speculation over what is going to happen in the coming episodes.

The actor who plays the Governor, David Morrissey, spoke with Entertainment Weekly about his character resurfacing and his fixation with the prison.

"He's looking at the building, I would suggest, rather than the people in it. Although the people in it are an inconvenience, because they're in his way of getting safety. But it's more about the building than the people," he explained.

"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.


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