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Xbox 720 to Enhance Friend Lists and Allow Video Sharing

Xbox 720 to Enhance Friend Lists and Allow Video Sharing

The next-generation Xbox gaming console will allow for video sharing and for users to be able to have over 100 friends.

The Xbox 360 only allows users to follow up to 100 friends. The new version will remove that cap and the way games handle achievements will also be altered, allowing developers to add them without adding DLC post-launch, according to a report from Polygon.

The new Xbox will join the likes of Sony's PS4 and will also allow users to capture and share video through various networks including Ustream and Facebook. Footage could be taken based on the situation or status of the player. For example, users will be able to set the system to take the footage when they obtain a special achievement or lock in a headshot in a first-person shooter.

The system will also feature an always-on DRM, but Polygon's sources claim that it will not be a requirement for all games and will be left up to the publisher as to whether they want to make it a feature or not.

Microsoft sent out invitations to the unveiling of the next-generation Xbox console this week.

The event is scheduled for May 21. The invite reads "A New Generation Revealed, Don Mattrick and the Xbox team invite you to the Xbox campus for a special unveiling."

Microsoft also plans to broadcast the unveiling live on Xbox and Spike TV. This unveiling date was originally revealed by Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott, who leaked the information on his "What the Tech" video blog earlier this month.

Microsoft will be the last of the three major video game companies to unveil its next generation console. PlayStation introduced the PS4 earlier this year and Nintendo launched its Wii U console toward the end of last year.


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