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3 truths to pummel today's anxieties

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  1. Nothing is “out of control.” While lots of things (okay, most things) are outside the realm of your control, nothing is outside the realm of God’s perfect providence. Your finite eyes may see chaos all around—in your relationships, your health, your finances, even in your own heart. But every erratically-moving part of that perceived chaos is being directed by a God who is causing every bit of it to benefit you, who are loved in Christ. So strengthen your weak knees and march forward with confidence that every crashing wave, every shifting sand, and every thunderous trial is serving your good. (Romans 8:28-32, James 1:2-4, Hebrews 12:1-12)
  2. God sees you. You are not lost in a sea of 7 billion people. You are not overseen or left to fend for yourself. The God who numbers the hairs on your head—not just on Peter’s head or John’s head but on your head—is mindful of you even when it seems no one else is. If you are a Christian, you are His child. And if even sinful men care for their children, how much more does your Heavenly Father tend to you? Knowing this, lay your fear aside and do what needs to be done today. Do the thing of obedience you’re afraid to do. Speak the words you’re afraid to speak. Serve in the ways you’re afraid to serve. God will give you the provision, power, and protection you need. (Matthew 5:25-34, Matthew 10:26-33)
  3. God defines you. Believer, your failures (or successes!) don’t define you. Other people’s opinions of you don’t define you. God himself defines you. Whether you succeed or struggle in what you put your hands to today, and whether people think highly or poorly of you as you do valiantly or fall on your face, your identity and value remain constant. You are always chosen, always loved, and always secure in the grace of Christ. So do all that you have to do today not to achieve some kind of self-generating worth, but out of the never-fluctuating identity and value God has already assigned to you. (Philippians 3)

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