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How American Moms Are Fighting the War on Terror

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Kamal Saleem, a former terrorist who is now a follower of Christ, warns Christians in his book, The Blood of the Lambs, that while American children are watching television, mothers in extremist factions of Islam are diligently teaching their children to be radical jihadists. He recalls how his mother did just that.

It was at my mother's kitchen table, surrounded by the smells of herbed olive oils and pomegranates, that I first learned of jihad. Every day, my brothers and I gathered around the low table for madrassa, our lessons in Islam. Mother sat at the head of the table and read to us from the Koran and also from the hadith, which records the wisdom and instruction of Allah's prophet, Muhammad. I vividly remember the day in madrassa when we heard the story of a merciless bandit who went about robbing caravans and killing innocent travelers. "This bandit was an evil, evil man," Mother said, spinning the tale as she sketched pictures of swords for us to color.

An evil bandit? She had my attention.

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"One day, there was a great battle between the Jews and the sons of Islam," she went on. "The bandit decided to join the fight for the cause of Allah. He charged on a great, black horse, sweeping his heavy sword left and right, cutting down the infidel warriors."

My eyes grew wider. I held my breath so as not to miss a word.

"The bandit fought bravely for Allah, killing several of the enemy until the sword of an infidel pierced the bandit's heart. He tumbled from his horse and died on the battlefield."

"After the bandit died," Mother was saying in her storytelling voice, "his mother had a dream. In this dream, she saw her son sitting on the shore of an endless crystal river, surrounded by a multitude of women who were feeding him and tending to him.". . .

My mother swept her eyes around the kitchen table.

"So you see, my sons, even the most sinful man is able to redeem himself with one drop of an infidel's blood."

"It is your duty," she said. "It is the duty of the faithful to punish and harass the Jews and Christians, who are as thieves and traitors to Islam. They are cursed as monkeys and pigs, and their spirits are unclean. It is in the Book."

Jihadist moms aren't the only ones passing their faith to their children. American moms are leading their children to Jesus.

How American Moms Are Fighting the War on Terror and Evil


Read to them from a children's Bible. Sing Scripture like Steve Green's Hide 'em in your Heart. Act out Bible stories. As soon as a child starts to read, read with them from a real Bible.

Mary Liz

Make your Christian faith a part of your daily vocabulary. Teach your children how to love well through every situation!


Let them catch you quietly praying and reading your Bible. When they come in the room, share what you're learning.


Be an example of Christ to them and everyone you meet. Live a Christ-like life at home.


We take our daughter with us to church on Sunday and to Bible studies during the week. We talk with her about what she learned. We watch Superbook with our daughter. We teach her every good gift is from God and to share with others as He shares with us.


Teach them there's always something to be thankful for! Never stop praying over them and for them. Share answered prayers.


Show mercy and love to people. Forgive your enemies. This is the best way to show them who we are in Christ.


Be transparent with your kids, fess up, and apologize when you make a mistake. If we proclaim Christ in our homes, but there is surface conversation and, "do as I say, not as I do," it can become more about rule following than grace living.


Be as consistent in your walk as possible and love their daddy like crazy!


Be in the world, but not of the world. Watch the news and share how Biblical faith applies to what's happening.


Have worship time together at night. Let the children choose their favorite worship songs.


Serve together as a family at a kid's camp or Operation Christmas Child. Play Christian music in their rooms as they go to sleep. Make church a priority. As they got older, church wasn't optional. Too many parents don't stand firm during the critical teen years. Encourage your children to invite friends to church and happily go out of the way to pick up their friends for youth group.


Love them where they are. Be the hands and feet of Jesus.


Our children value what we value. Value what you want your children to value.


Make Scripture crafts and take them to a nursing home to give to the elderly.


When my daughter was in middle school, we did a Bible study every morning as we sat in the car line. It was only one page, but it had a verse and discussion question. It was a great way to start our day and connect as children enter their teens.


Your home reflects your priorities. Use crosses and Bible verses in your decor. Pray aloud together at meals no matter the location. Pray with them before they go to school. Pray aloud over them after you say their bedtime prayers. When they face decisions, have them pray about them, and ask what they think God is directing them to do.


Memorize Scripture together. Pray Scripture over them.


I prayer journal with my son. It's nice when we look back and mark answered prayers!


Play Christian music in the kitchen and car. What goes into our kids' ears makes its way into their hearts and comes out their mouths, hands, and feet.


Model the fruit of the Spirit.


I saturated my kids in the Story Bible which was also on tape. Sing to them. Give to the poor when they are with you.


Make memory verse placemats. Every time they eat, they see it.


Take advantage of teachable moments so they see how God fits naturally into their day.


My kids are older (12, 14, & 19). I have an ongoing list in my journal of the gifts God has woven into each child. When they're feeling low, I ask if I can pray over them, and if they say yes, I pull out their list. One by one, I give thanks to God for each of their gifts. I thank God for choosing me to be their mom. As their identity forms in their teenage years, I want to give them as many reminders as possible of who they are and more importantly, Whose they are.

American Moms Are Fighting the War on Terror and Evil

Thank you, to all the Christian moms who are doing their part to fight the war on terror and evil by raising their children to know and follow Jesus.

Debbie Taylor Williams is the author of seven books, a newspaper columnist, Bible Gateway blogger, and national Bible teacher/speaker whose P.R.A.Y. with Passion Conference has gone throughout the United States. She and her husband, Judge Keith Williams, live in the beautiful Texas hill country. They're blessed with two children and five grandchildren. Follow her onFacebook or Twitter.

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