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The Upcoming Election: What to Do?

The Upcoming Election: What to Do?

People vote at a polling place in Crossway Christian Church in Nashua, New Hampshire, February 9, 2016. | (Photo: Reuters/Eric Thayer)

There are several issues at stake in the upcoming mid-term election. Though Trump is not on the ballot, the survival of his policies is, so we must begin by talking about President Donald Trump.

He is rude and crude and most certainly a contrarian. Like every President, he sometimes lies, although not nearly as often as many who served before him. He likes to stir up controversy, possibly to keep his name continually in the news. I don't know of a single believer who likes or commends traits of that kind. They are as offensive to us as they are to anyone else. (Would someone please tell him that any press is not necessarily good press!)

But let's not stop there - he is arrogant and sometimes exhibits the traits of a bully. As the victim of a bully in childhood, I deplore such behavior. And if that was all there was to the Trump administration, I would never vote for any of them.

All that acknowledged, if it weren't for the fact that his policies, (which are another matter altogether), will die if the Republicans lose the House or the Senate, those like myself probably wouldn't bother to vote at all, as a direct result of his offensive personality.

In fact, liberals are counting on a large turnout of Democrats and a low turnout of conservatives at the polls for that very reason. The Democrats can't really talk about the President's successes because they are indeed astounding for someone in office for only two years. And a big part of that success is that he has had a Congress that has been willing to vote for his policies - most of them anyway.

In truth, a number of his policies have been vital to the welfare of this country as well as the welfare of other peoples around the world. Most obvious has been his rescue of the economy – something that no one can honestly dispute.

Another example of his brilliant leadership has been his reversal of the previous administration's animus toward Israel – our only real friend in the Middle East, the only democracy and the sole bulwark in that region against the tyranny that controls all of the other Middle Eastern countries. And just as important has been his fidelity to the biblical mandate to bless Israel. For God has said in His Word that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed (Genesis 12:3; 22:18; Numbers 24:9b).

A third vital policy of the Trump administration has been its unambiguous support for the protection of the child in the womb. This fact alone should cause us all to run to the polls on November 6<sup>th. Lives are at stake and no one should be found standing before God on judgment day having ignored such protections at the ballot box. No one!

You may say, "But science is uncertain that the child in the womb is really a human being." To that my reply would be, to the contrary, science has proven that it is indeed a human being. Every bit of the DNA that makes up a human being is present at conception. When the child is torn limb from limb, or scalded with a saline solution by an abortionist, it reacts violently to the intrusion and suffers great pain. It is horrific! And if you still want to contend that the humanity of the child remains uncertain while in the womb, consider this: If you are wrong, you have just voted to have a defenseless, living human being killed. The consequences of your being wrong are too grave to support such a thing, even in the face of your uncertainty. Life must always be the priority, even in the midst of a lack of clarity in one's mind.

A fourth policy of the Trump administration that must be protected in this election is his vow to only nominate constitutionalist judges. Allowing judges to create new rights and powers not provided in the Constitution is insanity and will eventually create anarchy and lawlessness. Some would argue, it already has. The founding fathers would role over in their graves at existing attempts to invent laws and powers not allocated by them in the writing of our premiere founding and ruling document.

More could be said about what will be lost if the House or Senate is given over to those who will obstruct and undo the policies noted here. The rudeness and crudeness of Donald Trump pales in comparison to facilitating the death of these vital goods.

God has sovereignly given us a democratic republic and it is therefore our responsibility before God to do our part in protecting the biblical and constitutional policies that are at stake in this election, and in every election. For the sake of Israel, for the sake of the innocent lives waiting to be born, for the sake of the nation established by our Founding Fathers: Vote!

Dr. David Kyle Foster (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, M-Div; Trinity School for Ministry, D-Min) is the author of Transformed Into His Image, Love Hunger and Sexual Healing and is the founder/director of Mastering Life Ministries ( His newest work, The Sexual Healing Reference Edition, can be pre-ordered at: