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Donald Trump's Bad Word and the Public Outcry

Do people really think that other presidents did not use bad words?

Donald Trump's Bad Word and the Public Outcry

U.S. President Donald Trump. | (Photo: Reuters)

Donald Trump ruffled some feathers again. He used a bad word. The media outrage machine has been activated (although it is rarely off). Trump allegedly referred to third world countries as a "s***hole".

Do people really think that other presidents did not use bad words? President Trump is the most transparent president we have had in the eras of radio and television. He has poor decorum because he says what comes to his mind. He says what he thinks and feels. Perhaps he could be more tactful at times. I find it refreshing that we have a president that speaks honestly and doesn't hide his true thoughts. It appears the mainstream media and those that participate in its "outrage" would prefer a president like the others we have had in the past that do not speak honestly and truthfully. If there is an issue with his use of the word, "s***," it is worth noting that some scholars believe the apostle Paul used a similar word.

There are some that do not care that he prioritizes honesty over decorum, and they believe he made a racist statement. Obviously, countries are not races. But, many of the countries mentioned do have dark skinned people. Is what he said wrong? The United Nations' Human Development Index is a measure of quality of life in countries. Haiti has the lowest HDI of all countries in the Americas.

All the lowest HDI countries are in Africa. There are no countries on any other continents that have ratings as low as most African countries. Some people would prefer a better term then Trump used, but the places he mentioned have the lowest quality of life. When he was talking about taking in immigrants from countries with higher HDI, he was talking about immigrants that would have a positive economic impact on the United States.

It makes sense to me that the leader of a country would seek immigrants that could make positive economic impact. Trump's statements reflect economic conditions, not race. Why do those countries have low HDI?

That's a loaded question with a lot of different theories, but I do not think it is because of race. Trump recently designated $55 million to help religious minorities in Iraq, which is a country on the lower end of the HDI scale. Even though the mainstream media will brush this under the rug, he decided to help people in one of the countries some say he is against.