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Ladies: Fight for your sports or lose them

The Summer Olympics are here after being delayed a year due to pandemic. These Olympic Games have a different look, with new faces – like Noah Lyles and Jade Carey – seeking to emerge as rising stars. However, this year is different for one good reason and one bad reason.

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The good reason: new sports like skateboarding, surfing, and karate are being added, which helps the sports grow, gain attention, and intrigue those in other countries to maybe try a sport they’ve never participated in. The bad reason: biological males are being allowed to compete against biological females. Athletes like Laurel Hubbard and Chelsea Wolfe, who are biological men, will be allowed to compete against biological women.

On March 18, Sedona Prince, a forward for the Oregon Ducks Women’s Basketball Team, made a compelling video showing the disparity in resources for the Women’s NCAA tournament and the Men’s NCAA tournament. In her viral video, Prince angrily explains that if someone is viewing the video and not upset, then they are part of the problem. A ton of sympathetic ‘outrage’ followed Sedona’s video. From athletes like Ja Morant to coaches like Dawn Staley, and commentators like Jemele Hill, the amount of flack that the NCAA caught for this issue was substantial and change quickly took place.

But where is this same level of outrage for biological men competing in women’s sports? Women lacking access to funding and other resources is not the biggest problem facing women’s sports. It’s not a lack of interest in women’s sports from consumers. The greatest threat to women’s sports is the infiltration of biological men.

Let’s look at some basic, indisputable biological facts. On average, biological men are around 4.5 inches taller, about 27 pounds heavier, possess a greater vertical, and run faster than biological women. The truth is when men and boys compete against women and girls in athletics, the ladies have little to no chance of winning. We have seen it time after time: A biological man or boy identifies as a woman or girl and competes in women’s or girls’ sports and the final outcome isn’t even close.

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, normal adult male testosterone levels range anywhere from 280 to 1,100 nanograms per deciliter while normal adult female testosterone levels range anywhere from 15 to 70 nanograms per deciliter. But even with enhancement, hormones cannot do anything to change factors like lung capacity, bone density, skeletal structure, and muscular structure, just to name a few.

The opportunity for these ladies to succeed is stripped away from them and it is no fault of their own. All they pour into their sport is irrelevant. The athletic hopes and dreams of these ladies will only remain hopes and dreams.

Two things can be simultaneously true. One truth: Transgender individuals, like all people, should be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Another truth: It is impossible for a man or boy to become a woman or girl; likewise, a woman or girl cannot become a man or boy.

Humans cannot change their sex. Sex is binary and comes down to chromosomes. Typically, if a person has XX chromosomes they are female and if a person has XY chromosomes, they are male. All of the surgeries and hormone therapies are cosmetic and do not make a person the opposite sex. Transgendered individuals are searching for something that they will not find. This is why transgenders across many countries, have a suicide attempt rate ranging from 32-50%, comparable to schizophrenics who have a suicide rate ranging from 18% - 55%.

It is no where more clear than in sports. Alanna Smith, a high school track runner, said it best in an interview with Fox News, “It’s really disappointing because I know that me and all the other biological females work really hard at track practice and we work hours a day just to shave off tenths of a second...It’s really disappointing to know who is going to win the race before it even starts.”

She isn’t alone. Chelsea Mitchell, who actually beat Terry Miller, a transgender “track star,” also has pushed back against this issue. Selina Soule, who had her opportunity to compete at the New England Regional Championships in the 55-meter dash stolen from her by two biological males, has taken action and voiced concern for herself and other ladies in their respective sports. In a video for Daily Caller, decorated female collegiate wrestler Olivia Rondeau talked about how the original feminists in America fought to get women the opportunities to have the spaces to compete against each other in sports.

These bold and valiant ladies are doing tremendous work, but they can’t do it alone. They need all the help that they can get from girls and women just like them. Today’s ladies must take up the mantle of the original American feminists to fight for their sports and opportunities within their sports. Parents of girls must join the fight to help the next generation and future generations of women be able to have a fair opportunity to achieve their hopes and dreams.

This fight, however, will not be a cakewalk. As the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said in 2015, “Fight for the things that you care about.”  We saw that Sedona Prince and others made their voices heard on the issue of lack of resources for women.  But it needs to be done again with the same, if not more intensity, on this issue of biological males competing against biological females

Self-righteous social justice warriors will call for the cancellation of people who wrong-speak about this issue. Calumny will be aimed at those who stand up. Words like xenophobic, transphobic, bigot, sexist, and many others will be thrown at those who go against this lunacy. Get used to it. The Political Left loves canceling and destroying the lives of those who go against their agenda and narrative. They attempt to bully and call names of those that stand up for the truth. Just as an example of the Left’s bullying, look at Charda Bell Fontenot’s laughable comparison of calls to reopen schools to “white supremacy ideology” and “slavery.”  We have already seen that Selina Soule was unfairly called a “Transphobic Activist.”

In her outstanding interview with Ben Shapiro, Gina Carano put it best: “You should be more afraid that you’re being made to feel afraid.” It will not be an easy battle, but the choice, like gender, is binary. Either lie down, say nothing, sit still, and ensure that girls and women lose their ability to play sports on a level playing field or stand up, speak out, take action and defend the right for biological females to compete to be the best without the interference and unfair advantages of biological males.

But what action can be taken? Take to social media and post about how wrong and unfair this is. Vote for politicians who support women’s sports being only for biological women. Vote out politicians like President Joe Biden, who on his first day attacked women’s sports. Sue against these federal and state policies that would force biological females to compete against biological males. Refuse to compete against biological males. Go to the streets. March and hold rallies.

On the surface, this may seem to be about sports, but this single threat is only the tip of the iceberg. Sports is more than just about trying to be the best; it is about practice, work ethic, patience, leadership, respect, and many other life skills. Christina Holcomb, a lawyer for Alliance Defending Freedom, articulates this point very well: “Athletics is an opportunity for young girls to develop self-confidence, work hard, to see the results. Not just to participate, but to win.”  Girls need to practice taking more challenges, risks, and adventures, as has been claimed by speakers like best-selling author Caroline Paul and education activist Reshma Saujani.  Allison Torres Burtka wrote a riveting piece in 2019, on the tremendous benefits that young girls have when participating in sports. In her article, she points out that one reason many girls quit sports is due to the fact that they feel culture tells them that sports are for boys. When politicians and school officials allow trans-female athletes to compete against biological females, that message to girls becomes reality.

Article after article, video after video, you can find messages empowering women to go on and do great things. Women have to have the opportunities to be empowered, to succeed, to work together, to fail, to win, and to do the other things that prepare them for the real world. When women lose their sports, they will have a harder time becoming the leaders that they want to be because they have fewer opportunities to practice leadership skills.

When girls see themselves and other girls like them hit the game-winning shot, crossing the finish line, hitting that home-run, or breaking that record, they will have an easier time stepping into that leadership role, taking that risk to start that business, running for office, or becoming whatever it is that they desire to become. It is the right thing to let biological women have exclusive rights to their sports.

Solomon Green is a Contributor at Merion West and the host of the podcast "One More Thing With Solo Green". His writings and podcast mostly focus on Culture and Politics. To send in your questions, comments, podcast topic suggestions, or business inquiries, you can best reach him at:

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