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Lauren Daigle: Pick a side and take a stand!

As a pastor, I am most confused by Lauren Daigle and her music.

Is she a Christian artist or is she not?

She started off as a Christian artist and wrote beautiful songs that brought and bring glory to Jesus.

Lauren Daigle
Singer Lauren Daigle performs the national anthem prior to the College Football Playoff National Championship game between the Clemson Tigers and the LSU Tigers at Mercedes Benz Superdome on January 13, 2020, in New Orleans, Louisiana. |

"You Say" is one of my most favorite Christian songs.

Then she declared herself not a Christian artist and says she is not sure what God thinks about homosexuality.

She then wrote a song called, “Hold On To Me” and she declared that this song was not to God. She said so herself on Instagram:

My hope and my heart is that 'Hold On To Me' reminds you of all the good in the world. No matter what you’re walking through, having someone there to hold you up and see you for who you are, even through the worst of circumstances — that’s what this song is about.” 

Nowhere that I can find publicly does Lauren acknowledge that this song is to Jesus, though it is clear from the language of the song that it fits who the God of the Bible is.

I personally have no problem elevating community, especially during this Covid season, we have all been keenly reminded of our need for real relationships with others, but it can’t be to the fault of giving credit to human relationships that can’t do what the song says. God is the only one who can do what that song says. He is the only Sovereign One over our lives and it takes a Sovereign Entity to do what that song describes in our lives.

Seemingly as a response to the criticism of “Hold On To Me,” Lauren released a new song called Tremble. The song is overtly Christian and elevates the holiness of Christ’s presence in the life of the believer.

Here are the some of the lyrics:

You invented all of time and space. Called the morning and midnight into place. Made the mountains and tamed the wildest seas. And still You set Your holy eyes on me. I will always live in wonder of. The fact that I awaken jealous love. Eternity will almost be enough. Eternity will almost be enough. Lord, I tremble (tremble). I tremble, Lord. In Your presence. In Your presence, oh. Lord, I tremble (tremble). I tremble, Lord. In Your presence. In Your presence, oh, yeah.

This song is like a modern-day Psalm. It couldn’t get much more biblical or Christian in its words. It even does what very few messages in church do today, it talks about the Holiness of God. It takes about His Holy eyes being on us.

As a pastor, it is refreshing to see a song like this, and it is my hope that Lauren continues to produce music that first of all reflects the glory of who Jesus is from the Scriptures and then second of all brings hope to those who follow Him.

I am a Lauren Daigle fan.

I want her to continue to succeed as a Christian artist.

I pray God gives her the courage to continue to take risks to reach people with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through her songs. It is my hope that she would unabashedly declare she is a Christian artist who writes Christian songs. It is my hope and prayer that she does not shy away from what the Bible says about sexuality, abortion, the refugee, and the need for all of us to repent and put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

The world needs real hope. The world needs to know God is Sovereign, Jesus is King, and the only way to eternal life. In a world where everything seems gray, it is my prayer Lauren will use her international platform to declare the glory of Jesus Christ. She doesn’t need to be mean about it, but she does need to be courageous. And she has my prayers as a pastor that God would give her the courage to use her platform for His glory and the good of others.

It is my prayer that she would publicly say, “Hold On To Me” can only be done by the One who died for you and me and His name is Jesus. It is my prayer that she would rise up as a modern-day prophetess and declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Our nation, our world needs words of hope. We need definitive direction on where and how to run to the light of Jesus.

Lauren, as a pastor, I am for you. I can’t imagine the pressure of your life. But please know you have a pastor in Colorado Springs who intercedes for you and prays that God would give you the courage to use your platform to advance his cause with every word that comes from your pen and from your mouth. I know you love Jesus. I see it. I feel it. Others do too. I know you don’t want to damage people by declaring a definitive statement about moral and sexual behavior. But the world needs compassionate prophets and prophetess and I believe that songwriters are used by God in that way.

The messages and songs that are written in this generation may die with this generation if we don’t recall from whence our help comes and not only worship in spirit but also truth. (John 4:23) Like Esther, God has raised you up for such a time as this. May the Lord give you the courage to use your platform to promote His agenda.

I pray each day for your soul that it may prosper, and that God may use you to bring glory to Him. May nothing be hidden in your life, so that others may know the God you serve, and His name is, Jesus.

Kelly Williams is co-founder and senior pastor of Vanguard Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  His books include: The Mystery of 23, Friend of Sinners and Real Marriage. He also maintains a blog.  

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