Ashley Pratte

CP Op-Ed Contributor

The Status of Women: Hillary's Hypocrisy

Monday was the 59th session of the United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women will commence—and to kick it off Hillary Clinton will speak on the release of the "No Ceilings" report on the status of women and girls.

New Year, Same Fears

These facts will have negative and lasting impacts on the economy. If Millennials can't even afford to live on their own, many will lack the financial means to invest in their futures.

Black and White; All Lives Matter

Riots and protests have occurred throughout the nation in the wake of the Ferguson decision. The national news media has done all but call the protestors to arms. Many of the people taking part in these "demonstrations" have been holding signs that read, "Black Lives Matter." I could not agree more.

Millennials Demand Real Hope and Change

Millennials were once in the pocket of liberals but exit polling shows that they are certainly up for grabs. Young people all across America have felt the effects of a bad economy and a tough job market. Conservatives gained ground with Millennials under the age of 30—closing a large gap that used to exist.

Stand With Israel

Hamas, like ISIS, seeks to establish a caliphate, yet there has been very little support for Israel. Hamas placed rockets where Palestinian children live and play, showing their true colors by using civilians as human shields.

ISIS Beheading of Journalist Is An 'Act of War'

If the White House is taking the threat of ISIS seriously, why is it that Psaki couldn't call the beheadings of James Foley and Steven Sotloff for what they are—acts of war? ISIS has declared war on America through its savage and brutal murder of innocent Americans as well as its threats of coming onto our soil and committing acts of terror.

Saying 'Bless You':The Fight Against Political Correctness

The political correctness movement has spun out of control at schools nationwide. The latest victim is a student's ability to say, "Bless you" in the classroom without fear of a grade deduction. The polite saying is now under assault by the PC police looking to restrict student's rights.

Religious Freedom And Young Defenders

Standing outside the Supreme Court on a hot, humid, June day in DC it struck me how many young people joined on the steps of the Supreme Court defending freedom. A variety of pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom groups were represented and stood together in defense of religious liberty, making their voices heard.

Thanks for Nothing Obama; Sincerely, Millennials

Each year Young America's Foundation releases its Youth Misery Index (YMI), which adds together youth unemployment, average graduating student debt, and national debt per capita. According to the YMI at no point in recent history has life been harder for America's young people.

Liberal Hypocrisy: The Connection Between Guns and Abortion

After spending time at the NRA convention in Indianapolis this weekend, I took to social media to post photos of myself holding various rifles. As a result it sparked some conversation from liberals about how gun violence is plaguing our nation and that organizations like the NRA are pure evil.

Repealing Obamacare Would Increase the Deficit; Seriously?

According to Obama, repealing Obamacare would increase the deficit. You're probably just as shocked as I am to hear this bold statement seeing as the public relations for Obamacare alone cost taxpayers millions of dollars more than anticipated and states such as Maryland are completely overhauling their websites—a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.