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Responses to Counterarguments

There are three main counterarguments against my overarching thesis in Parts 1-3; namely, that adult-committed incest and polyamory are better analogies to homosexuality and transgenderism than are race and gender. None of them are convincing, in my view.

The ELCA's Widening Chasm Over Homosexuality

Pastor Robert Krueger says that he sees more ELCA students coming to his traditional and liturgical congregation. "They all have expressed a disappointment in the direction the ELCA is going, and its general disregard for the Bible as the Word of God."

Miley Versus Jesus on Marriage

Most Americans were angered by the Miss USA pageant unfairly discriminating against the moral values of Miss California Carrie Prejean. But equally disturbing is the reaction of young, self-proclaimed Christian celebrities who are taking the side of homosexual activist Perez Hilton.

Is Israel Always Right?

As a Christ-follower I find myself in a bit of a conundrum about all this. Something in me wants to give extra room for the rationale of Israel just because it is Israel.