Extremism Wakes People Up

The Wall Street Journal reported this last month: "Tea party voters have been incited to political action by the policies of the Obama administration and the Pelosi-Reid Congress." The Christian Post, meanwhile, reported this: "The decision to recognize noncelibate homosexual clergy has prompted hundreds of congregations to sever ties with the ELCA."

Do you see the common thread?

Slumbering citizens and saints all across the country are waking up and realizing, "We don't need the elites to dictate to us any longer or to spend our money on their liberal agendas." It almost sounds like the founding of our nation all over again!

In the past year or so, over 300 Lutheran congregations have left the large bureaucratic denomination of the ELCA to join the informal association of the LCMC ("Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ"). Large and small congregations across the country have been awakened to the potential that lies within their own people to stay the course and carry out the Lord's mission without outside interference.

These nationwide expressions of patriotic and religious freedom are much larger than one political party or religious denomination. This broad awakening is a response to extreme agendas. This "we the people" movement encourages Americans to do the right thing as we in sheer disbelief watch the elites charge down their collision course to disaster.

Are you looking to Washington or perhaps to a religious denomination to spoon feed you their meager rations? Look instead to the One who said, "I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6). What a rebel! No wonder Jesus had the religious leaders of his day plotting to kill him. He was a threat to their power, control, and wealth. Their "success" at killing Jesus resulted in the greatest explosion of freedom this world has ever known. Their extremism led to victory for every rebel who will break free from the enslaved establishment and follow Jesus, the risen and living King of kings!

The passion to be free is a fire that you cannot extinguish from the soul. When the elites in government and the church push dangerous agendas on the people, they are merely adding gasoline to the fire of freedom that burns within us. So don't worry when the elites get even more aggressive in hustling their malignant policies - stay close to Jesus and you will find yourself on the winning team today and forever! The harder they push, the faster the people will wake up and take back what rightfully belongs to them!

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