Dan Delzell

Christian Post Contributor

Why Every Sin Is a 'Gateway' Sin

Marijuana is widely regarded as a "gateway" drug, which leads some users to experiment with more serious drugs. In a similar way, every time we sin against God's commands, we commit a "gateway" sin. That is to say, our sin often leads us to engage in other types of sinful behavior.

The Messiah's Critics Couldn't Produce His Body

Christianity hinges on the resurrection of Christ. If it didn't happen, there is no forgiveness or eternal salvation for anyone. But if it didn't happen, surely the critics of Christ would have easily been able to produce His dead body. After all, they had plenty of time to do it, and all the clout to get the job done. And yet they came up empty.

Imagine a World Where Everyone Follows Christ

What if everyone in the world was a follower of Jesus Christ? And not just in name, but in reality. Imagine if everyone knew the love of the Savior and then shared that love with those around them. What would this world look like?

Why It's Gut Check Time for Liberals

This is gut check time for liberals. And it's due to more than just the tidal wave of the midterm elections. Things have been getting dicey for some time as more and more chinks in the armor of liberalism become exposed.

Does God Really Want Everyone in Heaven?

So if God really wants everyone in heaven forever, why does the Bible teach that many people won't end up there? (see Matthew 7:13,14 and Daniel 12:2) That is hard to comprehend, especially when Scripture clearly states,"God wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth." (1 Timothy 2:4) So does He or doesn't He?

Why Some People Transition Out of Homosexuality

If you listen to people who have transitioned out of homosexuality, you discover a common thread. They took deliberate steps and experienced various degrees of success during their transition. But they eventually made it. They have come out.

Mars Hill Dissolves in Order to Multiply

"Should we have one central congregation with many locations and video teaching for all? Or multiple congregations in many locations with live teaching for all?" Seattle-based Mars Hill Church has chosen to go with the latter. Mars Hill decided to dissolve in order to multiply. And here are some things that will get multiplied through their decision:

Nik Wallenda and the Tightrope to Heaven

Nik Wallenda amazed the world Sunday night as he walked on a tightrope between Chicago skyscrapers. One of his two trips across was even completed while wearing a blindfold. No safety net. No harness. But plenty of confidence, and certainly a ton of skill.

Would the Pope Choose the Middle Chair?

In an article I wrote last week entitled, "Three Chairs at the Gate of Heaven," I laid out how a person can be assured of entering heaven when he dies. I encourage you to read it and see if you think it's what the pope believes. The Gospel message is the foundation of the Christian faith. And it's a message which all people, including Catholics, need to hear.

America's Freedom Stems From Christians Loving Jehovah

The history of America is an open book. It's a history of reliance upon Jehovah, the One true God. That's not to say America has a perfect record by any stretch. But in spite of some blemishes, America remains a free country today. Why? Because of Christians who love Jehovah.

Three Chairs at the Gate of Heaven

What I am about to share with you could literally lead to the salvation of your soul. And that in turn could lead to others in your family being saved after you tell them about the three chairs. It's an incredibly simple concept. The good news of the Gospel is easy enough for a child to grasp.

Who's the Most Selfish: Liberals or Conservatives?

Enter conservatives and liberals. They approach issues very differently, and yet with a common deficiency. Liberals and conservatives are not by nature loving toward those outside their group. They tend to view one another as the enemy. In fact, they see them as a big part of the world's problems.

Can You Say You Are Without Sin?

Have you been able to pull off what no other human being, except One, has ever accomplished? Have you crossed every "t" and dotted every "i" in the realm of your soul? No sinful thoughts or words, ever. Absolute obedience to God's commands. And perfect faith in every situation.

What If Jesus Came to Your Home?

You hear a knock on your door. You go to see who it is only to discover the Lord Jesus Christ standing there. Would you open the door? Would you let Him in? Or would you pretend you're not home? (as if the Lord didn't know better)

Does God Exist to Make Man Happy?

God has always existed, and He was perfectly fine without man. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit were already having a good time together. Everything they do is good and fulfilling, and so they didn't need man in order to be complete. Nevertheless, God chose to create man and, through worship, allow him to get in on the joy.

What If You Could Enter Heaven Today?

If God were to invite you to enter heaven today, would you take Him up on it? Imagine God telling you: "This is a one-time offer. And if you accept it today, you will never go back to earth. But you will be guaranteed eternal life in paradise."

Jesus Is a Believer's Justification and Sanctification

You and I cannot save our souls, and we also cannot make ourselves holy. Jesus does it all. When you receive Christ as your Savior, you are instantly justified. And then the Lord begins to produce His holiness in you and through you. The credit goes to Jesus. The glory goes to Jesus. And the believer eventually goes to heaven.

Would You Like to Be Born Again?

Have you ever honestly considered the whole "born again" thing? Jesus said it is the only way to enter the kingdom of God. (see John 3:3) So what is the kingdom of God? And why would anyone want to be "born again" in the first place?