David French

CP Guest Contributor

Born This Way? Maybe Not

A changing sexual revolution demands changing tactics. Remember all that talk for the last decade that sexual orientation is like skin color — genetic and immutable? Well, the science not only looks iffy, it was never solid.

The Beginning and End of Political Correctness: Laura Kipnis's Incredible Ordeal

Laura Kipnis is a feminist professor at Northwestern University — and not just any feminist. She's long been one of the few professors in American public life who are capable of making news with their scholarship, find their books reviewed by the most elite newspapers, and help start elite "conversations" about academe's favorite topics: sex, power, and identity.

Liberals, Peer Into Your Heart and See the Darkness Inside

It's often said that conservatives believe liberals are misguided, while liberals believe conservatives are evil — that we disguise our dark hearts through racist and Islamophobic "dog whistles" decipherable only our redneck base and to the lefty pundits who know our game.

Are Gay Activists Suddenly Worried About Justice Kennedy's Vote?

Oral arguments in Obergefell v. Hodges are now complete, and there is just a bit less triumphalism from the Left than expected. It turns out that Justice Kennedy — the presumed deciding vote — was not uniformly enthusiastic about expanding the definition of marriage, noting at one point that he had "a word on his mind, and that word is 'millennia.'"

Every Conservative Should Root for Kentucky Basketball

While I will freely disclose that I grew up in Kentucky — only 20 miles from Rupp Arena, the Center of the Basketball Universe – my bias should in no way distract from the sheer, blinding logic of my argument. As the NCAA tournament starts rolling today, the rooting interest of the conservative world should be clear: John Calipari's Wildcats are the only reasonable choice.

Here's One Way to Reach Scientific Consensus on Environmental Issues

Earlier this week, I wrote about Dr. James Enstrom's successful settlement of his lawsuit against UCLA. Long a dissenter against environmentalist scare-mongering, Dr. Enstrom sued UCLA officials after they fired him shortly after Dr. Enstrom discovered that new California regulations of diesel emissions were based on junk science advanced by a scientist with a fraudulent degree.

Why People Carry Guns: A Response to David Frum

In the remote chance that an otherwise-thoughtful person was actually arguing that the people who most want to exercise a constitutional right are the "very last people on earth" who should be allowed to exercise that right, I thought I'd take a moment to explain why a person carries.