Eryn Sun

Christian Post Reporter

Japan Campus Crusade Gives Manga to Quake Survivors to Curb Suicide Rate

Depression, chronic anxiety and thoughts of suicide continue to plague the people of Japan – post-tsunami. Looking to combat the hopelessness felt by many of the people today, the Japan Campus Crusade for Christ is launching a suicide-prevention campaign, given that March also happens to traditionally be the highest suicide month.

Family Friendly Radio Stations Not So Positive, Wholesome After All?

Positive, uplifting, and safe for the whole family. Those are the taglines of many local Christian radio stations, which are becoming increasingly popular alternatives for parents to tune into during their commute to school, work or soccer practice. But songwriter and worship leader Kristen Gilles wasn't so sure whether those "kid-friendly" stations were actually what they claimed to be.

How Jeremy Lin Helped Bring Out the 'Soul of Sport'

Though Linsanity appears to have quickly died down there is no denying the effect the young star had on Americans nationwide. Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks gave meaning and greater purpose to the world of sports, something that Jeanne Hess, the author of Sportuality, believes Americans are desperately in search for.