Gabrielle Devenish

Christian Post Reporter

Angels: Heavenly Hosts or Trendy Trinkets?

“Every time a bell rings, an angels gets its wings,” is the famous line from “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Around the holidays, references to angels are brought up as often as every time a bell rings. But how close is your tree topper to the biblical truth?

Interview: John Eldredge on Jesus as the Beautiful Outlaw

He hangs out with riffraff, old tars and dirty fisherman, and dines with sinners and prostitutes. He likes to play pranks and shows up in unexpected places, and can often be seen fishing with the guys. He laughs in the face of authority and sweats blood. This is the Jesus that John Eldredge portrays in his new book, Beautiful Outlaw.

Cults in Culture: Mormonism and Christianity (Part 2)

With two Mormon contenders for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination and Robert Jeffress’ recent comments about Mormonism being a cult, the Church of Latter-day Saints is again in the spotlight for its theological beliefs. But the answer to whether or not Mormonism should be labeled a cult is not an easy one. It is a question that even leading theologians are wrestling with.

Cults in Culture: How is the Term Defined and Applied? (Part 1)

The word "cult," once simply used by certain groups to denote a system of religious practice, has become a topic of intense national debate. After Dr. Robert Jeffress' explosive comments in October regarding Mitt Romney, Mormonism and cults, defining the term may even be a crucial factor in the 2012 presidential race.

Sitting in Office All Day Can Cause Breast, Colon Cancer?

Too much time on your behind may increase your risk for breast and colon cancer, scientists say. A new study linked inactivity and prolonged periods of sitting to new cases of cancer in the United States. The analysis presented by the American Institute for Cancer Research this week cited about 49,000 new cases of breast cancer and about 43,000 new cases of colon cancer per year.