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Dying to Meet Him: Finally Coming Home

Dying to Meet Him: Finally Coming Home

Gabrielle "Elle" Devenish, a 30-year-old single Christian woman, was told by doctors that she has 6 months to a year to live.

"My heart, lungs, bones and muscles have all deteriorated beyond repair, according to doctors. My white blood cell count continues to match that of a last-stage chemo patient and my electrolytes are always on the edge."

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Written by Elle's mother, Lee Devenish, on April 19, 2012

Sara Gabrielle Devenish went home to Jesus sometime in the early morning hours today. It was in her sleep and it was peaceful. I am so thankful her suffering is over and she is whole again. I am sure a great many believing family members who have passed before her were there to greet her. Tom and I praise the Lord for her homecoming.

Thank you everyone for all your support and prayers during this time.

Gabrielle “Elle” Devenish is a Christian Post reporter in Utah.


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