Gabrielle Devenish

Christian Post Reporter


  • Dying to Meet Him: Finally Coming Home

    Sara Gabrielle Devenish went home to Jesus sometime in the early morning hours today. It was in her sleep and it was peaceful.

  • Dying to Meet Him: Anorexia and Grace

    There's been tension in my family starting 17 years ago, with this horrible disease named anorexia. It's unpredictable, sneaky, malicious, deceptive. I know the pain and hurt it's caused emotionally and psychologically, and I know I can never erase those scars.

  • Dying to Meet Him: Limbo

    Where do you want me to go God? Where do you want me to be? I long to rejoice at the feet of thee, to bask in thy radiance.

  • Dying to Meet Him: The Spiritual Battle Inside

    Lately I've seemed very mopey and less likely to turn to God but to others in my seemingly uncontrollable thoughts. A few praises, first: I can type and read and focus at certain periods of the day, I have a lot of friends praying for me, and I've gotten back in touch with old time friends.

  • Dying to Meet Him: More Seizures and Feeling Like the Good Grinch

    The past few weeks have been fraught with more signs and symptoms of declining health, plus a few seizures. Some of the worst losses are my motor skills, my ability to read and write and problems actually focusing.

  • Dying to Meet Him: Sleepless Nights, a Blessing in Disguise

    Lately, I've been having the worst trouble sleeping. It was frustrating at first, but then I remembered something my mom told me a while back. Every time she had a night of not sleeping well, each time she would wake up, she would pray for someone, and then she could return to sleep.

  • Dying to Meet Him: To Live Is Christ, to Die Is Gain

    I've been discovering what King Solomon felt like when he wrote Ecclesiastes. Meaningless, meaningless, everything (on earth) is meaningless.

  • Dying to Meet Him: The Grieving Process

    Despite all the praise I've been receiving for being so strong, I really am weak. The only strength I have right now is through my Savior, as days like today, my human body is just a shaky, weeping mess.

  • Dying to Meet Him: Learning How to Die

    "It's a role reversal. You're teaching me. You're teaching me ... how to die."

  • Dying to Meet Him: God Turned My Fumble Into a Touchdown

    Sundays are usually hard for me. No nurses or visitors come and my family is usually away. On a day that used to be full of Christian fellowship, I'm often left feeling lonely.