Jason Yates

Op-Ed Contributor

United. We Stand.

There's a phrase that's popular, especially during times of national unity or crisis — "United. We stand." For Christians, though, this phrase captures a deeper meaning.

A Q&A With Dr. Tony Evans: Why Christians Should Vote in the Primary Elections

I recently talked with Dr. Tony Evans, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church, about what Christians should keep in mind as primaries continue and the November 6 midterm elections near. His thoughts are a timely encouragement for Christians to remember to cast a vote that flows from a biblical worldview that is allied with God's kingdom, not a political party.

People of Faith Must Defend Our Nation's Founding Principles

Today we celebrate America's 242nd birthday. While that might not seem long in the timeline of history, we must remember that at one point our country was referred to as the "American Experiment." The Founders of the American Experiment crafted a government whose authority, at its heart, flowed from certain fundamental, biblical truths, not a person or personality.

Free Speech for All at Stake After Conservatives Censored

Beyond an obvious political agenda, the biased censorship practiced by these so-called neutral public forums threatens the very freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment. Americans of all political stripes should be alarmed by these moves to silence opposing viewpoints.