Jeff Schapiro

Christian Post Reporter


  • Ping Pong Prodigy Disqualified for Not Playing on Sabbath

    An 11-year-old table tennis player, who is also an Orthodox Jew, was disqualified from a national tournament late last month after one of her matches was scheduled on the Sabbath and, as a result, she opted out of participating in it.

  • Resolutions 2013: Christian Weight Loss Programs Address Emotional Eating

    Those who made it their New Year's resolution to lose weight in 2013 have probably been making plans to exercise and thinking about all the foods they can and cannot eat in order to reach their goals. Some things they may not have considered, however, are the emotional and spiritual issues that may have been leading them to make poor eating decisions in the first place.

  • Family Ministry Helped Save a Marriage Every 6 Minutes in 2012

    Focus on the Family (FOTF), a Colorado Springs-based Christian ministry which helps families through various forms of media, counseling and other resources, reports that it helped save a marriage every six minutes in 2012.

  • 'God Particle' Theorist Likens Richard Dawkins to Religious Fundamentalists

    Peter Higgs, the world famous physicist who introduced the theory of the so-called "God particle," says outspoken atheist and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins needs to realize science and religion aren't necessarily incompatible.

  • Archaeologist Believes Jesus Was Born in a Different Bethlehem

    The Bible says the place of Jesus Christ's birth was the town of Bethlehem of Judea, but one archaeologist says the Christian savior was more likely born in a different Bethlehem that is farther from Jerusalem.

  • No Christmas Church Service for President Obama?

    President Barack Obama and the first family have, in years past, attended church services as a part of their Christmas celebration in Hawaii, but a brief description of the President's Christmas Eve and Christmas Day activities doesn't mention churchgoing at all.

  • Poll: US Still Mostly Christian; Mormons 'Most Religious'

    A Gallup poll released Monday says the U.S. is still "a largely Christian nation," though it is Mormons who are most likely to view their beliefs as an important part of their daily lives.

  • Rapper Takes on Westboro Baptist Church, Media Coverage of Newtown Tragedy

    The most recent song created by rapper Mac Lethal takes jabs at Westboro Baptist Church after the church threatened to protest the funerals of shooting victims from the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.

  • Maryland Megachurch Secedes From Sovereign Grace Ministries

    Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Md., announced Sunday that it is leaving the Sovereign Grace Ministries family of churches after a number of disagreements pertaining to church leadership and direction caused a rift between the two organizations.

  • NFL Team Hosts 'Faith and Football' Event Featuring Newsboys, KJ-52

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise is reaching out to Christian fans by hosting an event following Sunday's game which will feature popular Christian music artists, a Christmas-themed message and even a personal testimony shared by one of the players.