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How to Help Children Following Trauma

Because Hope for the Heart is a biblical counseling ministry, we have continued to receive many requests for real answers. Children need you physically close to them to feel they are safe and to believe you are there for them.

Suicide Prevention: 3 Stages to Watch Out For

Kim Ruocco hung up the phone in her home in Massachusetts and dashed to the airport to board a last-minute flight for California.1 She had a bad feeling after speaking with her husband, Mike, who was preparing for his second deployment to Iraq. Mike told his wife that he planned to ask for help with some troubling issues while at Camp Pendleton where he was stationed. By the time Kim's plane touched down, her husband was dead.

10 Steps to a Suicide Prevention Plan

Imagine: Jovan is on top of the world – athletic football star, first string starter for the Kansas City Chiefs, father of a beautiful three-month-old daughter. But a rash decision during a heated argument forfeits it all. And today, two lives are tragically snuffed out – a young, new mother violently murdered and a hotheaded "hero" … by suicide.

What Is the Duty ... Following Infidelity? (Pt. 2)

Righting the course after sliding down the slippery slope of infidelity is a difficult but necessary choice that requires a series of steadfast decisions. Vital to remember is that there can be both hope and healing after an AFFAIR. If you are suffering the damaging consequences of adultery, allow the following seven steps below to help you restore honor to your marriage and regain a sense of true commitment to your mate.

A Tale of Two Davids: Petraeus and the Biblical King (Pt. 1)

When you think about "King David," what words come to mind? For starters, how about: bold risk taker, popular leader, military hero. All true ... but precisely which King David are we referring to? Realize, many Iraqis admiringly called General David Petraeus – "King David."

The Viciousness of Virtual Bullying

This was the last of many cruel, demeaning messages Megan Meier received on October 16, 2006, from a teenage boy she had recently become "friends" with on MySpace. Megan, like countless other teenagers, was a victim of virtual bullying, also known as cyberbullying.

Conflict Resolution: How to Turn Your Enemies Into Friends

Many people deal with anxiety at Christmastime. The frequent reason? Confrontations and conflict that have become a tradition no one wants to keep. If you expect to unwrap personality clashes, painful family history and arguments as part of your Christmas celebration, determine to offer a different sort of gift to your loved ones – the gift of conflict resolution.

Election Day and an Eternal Perspective

But the very next day … feelings of elation can deflate into despair when "our" candidates do not garner enough votes for victory. Initial disappointment is certainly understandable, especially when those who don't espouse biblical views gain office. God's Word should serve to ground us and to give us a greater perspective concerning the "winners" and "losers" in any political race. For believers, two questions need to be addressed during the electoral season: "Who are you ultimately trusting? Where have you placed your hope?"

Rape: Separating Myth From Truth

MYTH: "Rape is all about sex." TRUTH: Rape has nothing to do with sex. This self-indulgent act is all about an abuse of power and control, typically rooted in deep-seated anger. Rape ... in contrast to God's design for sex ... could not be more opposite. Indeed, they are polar opposites.

Starving for Success: Overcoming Anorexia, Bulimia

Like many who struggle with anorexia or bulimia, Brittany believed she needed to take greater control to make her body just the "right" size and shape. Brittany wanted to feel significant, valuable and important – legitimate desires that she was trying to satisfy in illegitimate ways. She began with fad diets that cut out all carbohydrates, but her attempts to excessively control her food intake led her to spiral out of control into periods of binge eating and purging.

The Sexual Predator Pattern

Typically, childhood sexual abuse is not a onetime, isolated incident, but rather a premeditated plan resulting in repeated abuse by a perpetrator. While the details in each story of abuse may be different, perpetrators follow a predetermined pattern of behavior: first seducing, then stimulating, silencing and suppressing the child.

Older Workers: Overqualified, Over-the-Hill or Overflowing With Assets?

From the age of 65 until he reaches 75, Colonel Harland Sanders oversees the growth of his Kentucky Fried Chicken – from one restaurant in a small Kentucky town, to over 600 restaurants across the United States and Canada.<sup>1 Col. Sanders doesn't allow his advanced age to hold him back. On the contrary, experience, hard work and vision propel him to sizzling success.

The Stone Throwers vs. the Caring Spirit

Anyone can develop a critical spirit by focusing on the failures of others, and obviously no one is without fault. But faultfinders feel justified in playing dual roles: both judge and jury. Meanwhile, those being judged feel unjustly criticized … compared … condemned.

Understanding and Dealing With a Dysfunctional Family

Cathey Brown knows the painful dynamic of a dysfunctional family. She knows it because she has lived it. She learned to pretend that everything was "great" when paraded to church on Sundays … even though most weekends she avoided her drunken father … and tried not to notice her mother's bruises.

Spiritual Abuse: Shepherds – or Fleecers – of God's Flock?

"Will you continue to stand by and let your church drown financially?" So began an ad for "Financial Empowerment Seminars." The target audience: church members wanting to invest profitably, while also benefitting their churches and communities. The seminars were led by a man who now faces federal prosecution by the SEC for defrauding investors of more than $11 million in a Ponzi scheme.

How to Conquer Your Fears

The history of predicted and expected "last day" dates is nearly as lengthy as modern history itself. Mostly recently, the world was predicted to end on May 2011. Why are so many gripped with dread over apocalyptic predictions? This is most likely because of our basic, human tendency to fear the unknown.

How to Take Control of Anger

Despite the destruction it can cause, fire, itself, is not evil. Fire is only deadly when it becomes uncontrollable. Likewise, uncontrolled anger can become deadly – destroying everything in its path. Yet anger, in and of itself, isn't bad.

Parenting and Setting Boundaries: The 2 'Rs' Kids Need to Understand

Parenting is demanding work. Those who raise children are required to wear many hats (CEO and janitor, nutritionist and nurse, counselor and cook, plumber and many others). So, how can parents guide their children into successful adulthood? One of the essential requirements is learning how to establish healthy boundaries.

Harmful Habits, Addictions: God's 3 P's to Overcoming Them

My friend Frank suffered many such wounds during his 25-year battle with alcoholism. "For a time, I became a dry drunk," he told me in a letter. "I wasn't drinking, but I had done nothing to quiet the desperation inside my head. I always ended up going back to the bottle."

Love and Dating: How Most Singles Have Love Backwards

Last year, one of the world's largest online dating sites released results of a survey they took of 5,200 singles. Said to be the most comprehensive poll of its type ever taken, the survey of 21- to 65-year-olds (and older) reported that 72 percent of singles would live with someone in the future without marrying.

How to Answer Arguments in Favor of Abortion

Imagine it's your first night hosting a national call-in counseling broadcast. The program is live, your calls aren't screened and no topic is taboo. The theme music plays ... the producer counts down the seconds ... "three, two, one, you're on!" Then, you hear these exact words: "I was attacked two months ago, and I am pregnant through rape."

Attention All People-Pleasers, Fixers, and Rescue Artists . . .

After 11 years of conflict, turmoil and tears, Patricia found the courage to end an on-again/off-again relationship with her abusive boyfriend. Yet instead of feeling relieved, she was overwhelmed with sadness and entertaining ideas about taking him back. Seeking direction, she called Hope In The Night, my live 2-hour call-in counseling broadcast.

Forgiveness: Who's Left Holding the Bag?

While leading a Forgiveness workshop in Indiana, I asked attendees, "How many of you have had a huge struggle forgiving someone who has hurt you deeply?" Instantly, hands shot up across the room. Though my question came at the beginning of my session, it wasn't until the final 15 minutes that I looked out into the audience, made eye contact with a young man who'd earlier raised his hand, and asked him to join me on stage.