Melissa Barnhart

CP Reporter

Sleep Critical to Lowering Rates of Adolescent Depression, Suicide Attempts

Lisa Meltzer, assistant professor of pediatrics and lead author of the National Jewish Health study which found that students who are homeschooled sleep 90 minutes longer a night and wake up 18 minutes after traditional high schools have already started, has also revealed that extra sleep decreases the rates of depression and suicidal ideation in adolescent children.

Immigration Survey: 63 Percent of Americans Think Reform Should Include Pathway to Citizenship

One of the largest surveys on immigration ever conducted in the United States reveals that a majority of Americans support immigration reform that leads to a pathway to citizenship, but it also highlights that Americans are more concerned about jobs, reducing the budget deficit and changing the federal income tax system, according to a report released Thursday by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) and the religion, policy and politics project at the Brookings Institution, a left-of-center think tank.