Perry Noble

Christian Post Guest Columnist

You Cannot Have A Great Marriage

Are you struggling in your current marriage? Are you single and one day hope you have a great marriage? I don't want to burst your bubble ... but you will never simply "have" a great marriage.

Three Things I Would Say to a Divorced Person

Some of the most frequently asked questions in churches have to do with the issue of divorce. There is not one person reading this article right now that does not know someone who has gone through a divorce. You've seen the guilt, pain, fear and uncertainty that comes along with it.

7 Deadly Sins of Church Leaders

One of the best ways to feel better about yourself as a church leader is to compare yourself and your church to people who are not doing as good as you are. (It's also a sign of extreme insecurity).

Why I Am Upset Over the SBC Uninviting Ben Carson

I posted online about being disappointed by the SBC in regards to their decision and saw a flurry of comments this morning when I woke up. Some agreed they were disappointed as well, others endorsed the SBC as making the right decision and then there were some who questioned why I was disappointed.

4 Questions About Sex & A Sex Series

This Sunday we begin a brand new series entitled, "Sex…It Doesn't Have To Be Grey!" There are some people who are really excited about this series, others are curious in regards to what type of things will be talked about—and others are afraid of what is going to be said. Which is why I am writing this article—to answer some questions you may have about why we're doing the series and what can be expected.

5 Signs Your Leadership Team Is in Trouble

I once heard John Maxwell say that "team work makes the dream work." However, as I survey the leadership landscape, I believe the reason a lot of dreams are not working is because a lot of teams are way more dysfunctional than dedicated.

4 Things Leaders Do

A leader who will not listen to the people he (or she) leads will eventually find himself without great people to lead--because their team members will leave and go to a place where their feedback is not only welcomed, it is valued.

Four Words for Every Person Who Is Single

There are lots of people in "single world" these days. I know the struggles of being single, I did not get married until I was 28 years old. Today I hope the following four words encourage you if you are single...

5 Things a Church Leader Can Do to Avoid Burnout

I can promise you that your spouse may not completely understand what you are going through (I wrote about that here in an article entitled, "The Pastors Pain"), but your honesty is what they are craving the most. One of the things I am most ashamed of in regards to my battle with depression and anxiety is I did not tell Lucretia for quite a while. If I would have told her earlier she could have understood me better and prayed for me as I battled through the issue.

7 Warning Signs for Church Leaders Who May Be Close to Burnout

#1 – Your desire to quit is steadily becoming stronger. Every church leader has had the desire to quit (usually on Monday). However, when we are beginning to experience burnout, the desire to give up actually increases to the point we either begin to shop our name to other churches – or, consider quitting the ministry altogether.

The One Thing That Will Change the World

When I began going to Pastor Gray's church I was poor...very poor. And because of my lack of money I had VERY few "church clothes" to wear. Pastor Gray bought me slacks, dress shirts, ties and a belt. It wasn't the messages he preached that necessarily impacted me the most – it was his generosity. Generosity changes the world.

'The Bible Isn't Important'

I am a Bible guy! I love God's Word! However, even though I love God's Word and have a passion to teach it in a way that makes it as real and as understandable as possible, I still say that community is more important than reading the Bible in a person's life – especially if they are a new believer.

How Do You Really Forgive Someone Who Hurt You?

I was having a really great day…a REALLY great day… When all of a sudden "IT" hit me – the memory of what "that person" did to me over 30 years ago. Within a couple of seconds I went from happiness and joy to pain and anger ... serious anger, like I wanted to hurt someone anger.

How Do You Really Forgive Someone Who Hurt You?

Forgiveness is MUCH DEEPER than a feeling (if we wait until we feel like forgiving we will never actually forgive) but rather a choice I have to make over and over again when the pain from what was done to me hits me out of nowhere.

7 Things Every Single Should Read Before Getting Married

At NewSpring Church, we're doing a series called "Race Day" (have I mentioned how we love NASCAR in the South?!) In this series, we're talking about running the race of life (see 1 Corinthians 9:24-27). If you are single here are seven articles I have written that will help you TRAIN in the right way!

4 Reasons Why I Give

I surrendered my life to Jesus in 1990; however, I did not surrender my finances to Him until 1999. Some of you know my story, but for those who don't…I have experienced first hand what it is like to live in poverty. I know what it is like to have to move to another state because my dad could not pay his bookie the gambling debt he had racked up.

Am I Still a Christian if I Have Depression?

Life is hard. Everyone who lives in real life knows what it feels like to be unhappy and overwhelmed…and sometimes that feeling of sadness turns into hopelessness. But just because someone is a Christian who's been saved by Jesus doesn't mean they won't face difficult circumstances.