Ravelle Mohammed

Christian Post Reporter

Bishop Eddie Long Back at New Birth Pulpit?

Bishop Eddie Long has apparently returned to New Birth Missionary Baptist Church after a month-long absence. The senior pastor had announced that he was stepping away from the pulpit to spend time with his family – an attempt to save his marriage with Vanessa Long, who has recently filed for divorce.

God Reveals to Pat Robertson the Next US President?

Pat Robertson, host of “The 700 Club,” apparently knows who the next president will be – saying on his program this week that, after much prayer, God has revealed the candidate who will lead America in 2012. The televangelist shares other revelations he claims to have received from God.

Over-Sexualization of Women Sees Rise in Teen Group Sex?

Sexuality in the media – provocative images of women in movies, magazines, and on the Internet – lends the perception of females as "objects," observers have been insisting for years. Now, a new study has found a strong link between exposure to pornography and a startling trend among young adults, with one in 13 teen girls having engaged in group-sex.