Stephanie Samuel

Christian Post Reporter

Santorum Ad Hammers Herman Cain on Abortion

Former Pennsylvania Congressman Rick Santorum is refusing to let up on fellow GOP presidential contender Herman Cain’s abortion stance, exposing other instances where Cain supported families’ right to choose abortion in a new political ad.

Cain Shows His Libertarian Streak in Abortion Answer?

Cain tried to reassure critics that he is indeed pro-life but his libertarian answer to an abortion question this week has some worried that he may not be a strong social conservative. Amid controversy over Cain's Wednesday night interview with CNN's Piers Morgan, Cain tweeted Thursday, "I'm 100% pro-life. End of story."

GOP Questions Obama Administration's Science

Republicans, who are determined to eliminate federal regulations deemed a hindrance to energy independence and jobs, are questioning the accuracy of science utilized by the Department of the Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Alveda King Offers Advice, Prayers for Obama

One day after President Barack Obama praised Martin Luther King Jr.'s accomplishments which paved his way to the White House, Alveda King said the president must now show America the content of his character through his political policies.