Stephanie Samuel

Christian Post Reporter

62,000 Signatures Requesting Prayer at 9/11 Service Delivered to NYC Mayor

Family Research Council, the conservative family values group, joined forces with Democratic New York City Councilman Fernando Cabrera (D-Bronx) to present New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg with more than 62,000 signatures asking the mayor to allow clergy, prayer and first responders at the city's 9/11 memorial ceremony Sunday. The service will mark the 10th anniversary of the attack on the nation.

Sojourners Magazine Walks a Fine Line With Gay Advocacy Ad

Sojourners magazine appears to be walking a fine line with an ad about homosexual homelessness in its September/October issue. The organization hopes to encourage Christians to champion the plight of battered homosexual youths while maintaining a conservative stance on sexuality, but other evangelicals find the ad tasteless and immoral. The campaign features a child holding a teddy bear.

Obama Proposes More Regulations as GOP Promises Cuts

President Barack Obama continues to defend federal regulations while preparing to launch a jobs plan as House Republicans are proposing several tax-cutting measures that include listing several regulations costing more than $1 billion. The GOP is also preparing their own jobs agenda focused on reducing the regulatory burden on American businesses.

Disillusioned Dem Buys TV Ad for Huntsman

A Chicago Democrat disillusioned with his own party is now throwing his support behind GOP presidential candidate and a former ambassador in President Obama's administration, Jon Huntsman, by producing and purchasing a one-minute ad buy in New Hampshire.

Divorce Rates High in Southern, Bible Belt States

New data shows that U.S. divorce rates are higher in Southern states such as Alabama, Kentucky, and Texas. This information is important to church leaders since these states are located in what is traditionally known as the "Bible Belt." However, these same leaders squabble over whether or not Christians are truly part of America's growing divorce problem.

NY GOP Looks for Red in a Blue State

Sensing a change in New York's political climate, The Republican National Committee (RNC) is financing get-out-the-vote efforts for the state's second special election race this year in the hopes of an upset in former Congressman Anthony Weiner's district and 2012.

As King Memorial Opens, Christian Leaders Recall His 'Dream'

The life and mission of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. embedded itself into the fabric of American life and without question, had the greatest impact in advancing rights for minorities in the latter half of the 20th century. His works and accomplishments are being recognized with a national monument in his honor in Washington, D.C. that opened Monday.

Obama Immigration Policy Billed as 'Amnesty'

Hispanic leaders and advocates for immigrants are praising Barack Obama for the administration's decision to keep illegal youth out of deportation proceedings. However Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and others accuse the president backtracking on immigration reform and imposing "backdoor amnesty."