First Grader Does Something Extraordinary For His Best Friend With Leukemia – This Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

(Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Mike Bush)

These two best friends from Missouri named Vincent and Zac are sure to restore your faith in humanity after you hear their story. They are known for having fun and telling jokes when they're together. But one day something happened to one of the boys that neither of them could laugh about - Zac finds out that he has Leukemia.

When Vincent hears about it he tries to do whatever he can to help and make his best friend feel better about the situation. He starts to sell scarves and goes on to raise $200 to give to Zac.

He follows that up with something that is completely selfless and extraordinary. Vincent comes into class with his hair shaved off and said that he doesn't want to make Zac feel like the only one without hair.

This video shows us all that wisdom doesn't always come with age. Thankfully, Zac is now in remission and doesn't have any visible cancer cells in his body. Watch the video of Zac and Vincent's story below, be inspired and please offer a prayer for Zac.