Amanda Winkler

Christian Post Reporter


  • Cain's Campaign in Chaos?

    Cain's Campaign in Chaos?

    Businessman Herman Cain has recently seen a rise in the GOP polls thanks to his charisma and authentic appeal. However, while Cain usually touts his business skills and economic knowledge as reasons for him to move into the White House, his management skills may be less than desirable for someone wanting to be president.

  • Perry Opposes Confederate License Plates

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry told the Bay News 9 while campaigning in Florida on Wednesday that he is against allowing the Lone Star state to feature license plates displaying the Confederate flag. This is considered an about-face to his past positions of defending the historical value of Confederacy symbols.

  • Perry Lacks Support From Texas Congress Members

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry has often touted his political and economic success in Texas while on the presidential campaign trail. However, the Texas congressional delegation is not as eager to jump aboard the Rick Perry train.

  • Obama Announces Plan to Ease Student Debt

    Obama Announces Plan to Ease Student Debt

    President Obama announced plans on Wednesday to provide relief to millions of people entrenched in student debt. Obama’s plan, however, involves using his executive authority to bypass a Congress that the president says simply acts too slow.

  • Critics Claim Iraq Withdrawal a Big Mistake

    Critics Claim Iraq Withdrawal a Big Mistake

    President Obama’s announcement on Friday that every single American troop will be out of Iraq by Christmas received mixed responses from a nation tired of wars and a dismal economy.

  • Hispanic Leader Not Happy With Presidential Field, Calls Reagan Most Christ-Like President

    Hispanic voters are not satisfied with the choices in front of them for the 2012 presidential election. They can either support President Obama like they did in 2008, despite being disproportionately hurt by the poor economy, or turn back to the GOP despite growing anti-immigration rhetoric.

  • GOP Candidates Compete for Most Anti-Abortion Title in Iowa

    GOP Candidates Compete for Most Anti-Abortion Title in Iowa

    Six of the GOP presidential candidates competed for the votes of conservative Christians Saturday in Des Moines, Iowa, claiming to be more Christian and more conservative than their opponents. However, there was not a clear winner at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition as conservative Christians still appear to be divided over who they will support in the primaries this January.

  • World Bank: Regulations Do Not Stifle US Economy

    The World Bank released their ninth annual "Doing Business" report on Wednesday which ranks 183 countries in different aspects of the business model and determines how “business-friendly” they are.

  • Democratic Rep. Cardoza Rips Obama Before Retiring

    Democratic Rep. Cardoza Rips Obama Before Retiring

    Democratic Congressman Dennis Cardoza of California retired Thursday from his 32-year career on Capitol Hill. In his last statement announcing his retirement, Cardoza took the opportunity to slam his boss, President Obama, for his handling of the current housing foreclosure crisis.

  • Gaddafi's Death: Vindication for Obama?

    Gaddafi's Death: Vindication for Obama?

    The death of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi on Thursday has quieted some of President Obama’s foreign policy critics. Obama has previously taken some heat for his decision to commit U.S. troops in the NATO-led military campaign against the Libyan leader.