Brandon Showalter

Opinion writer and social commentator

Brandon M. Showalter is a journalist and podcaster with The Christian Post who has reported extensively on topics of theological interest in the Church; bioethics issues such as euthanasia, assisted suicide, artificial reproductive technology, and surrogacy; and the developments of the "gender identity" movement and transgender ideology.

He was first inspired to pursue into a career in writing and journalism while mopping floors and scrubbing toilets as a church custodian in April 2015.

He earned a bachelor's degree in international studies and Spanish from Bridgewater College of Virginia in 2007, a Master of Arts in human rights from The Catholic University of America in 2022, and is a fellow of the John Jay Institute for Faith, Society, & Law. He is also a graduate (class of 2015) of a three-year, non-degree program at Bethel School of Ministry in Redding, California.

His favorite thing to do in life is to sing.


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    The first day of Advent this year is Dec. 3, marking the beginning of the New Year for Christians, but this seasonal observance is unfamiliar to some Christians. Here are three things you should know about the month-long season of Advent leading up to Christmas Day.

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    Some parents I know have labeled this experience an excruciating “living death.” For most people, Thanksgiving is infused with goodwill and gratitude, but for these moms and dads, it’s a heartache punctuated with piercing anguish.

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    Since these young boys have had their physiological development arrested with hormone blockers, there is often not enough tissue with which to construct a facsimile of a female sex organ.

  • Inside a father's fight to save his son in ‘trans sanctuary state’ of California

    After a state family court severed Ted Hudacko’s joint custody from his trans-identifying son, the California father was left twisting inside a legal straitjacket while his son underwent a procedure that even violated a California court order protecting the child, a scenario countless parents across the U.S. might face given the state’s commitment to being a “sanctuary state” for underage sex change procedures, he says. 

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    An El Salvadoran immigrant woman is standing behind a podium in a Washington, DC auditorium. It’s March of 2022 and anguish is etched on her face, her grief palpable and her lips quivering. She’s recounting her worst nightmare – how she learned that her troubled teen daughter had knelt in front of an oncoming train and ended her life.

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    The Associated Press is an agent of pernicious deceit, and while that is not entirely new, their latest advice is a smarmy clinic in gaslighting dressed up as objectivity.

  • Eunuchs, 'Frankenstein level stuff' and ISIS: This trans sci-fi horror story is real

    Picture a 4-year-old boy dressed head-to-toe in pink, saying: “If you want girl parts and you don’t have them, you can do special surgery where they turn your penis inside out and there’s a vagina inside.”

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    Each year Christians around the world, particularly in liturgical traditions, reenact the final moments of Christ's life on Earth as part of a weeklong observation now known as Holy Week. The days of this week after Palm Sunday include Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.

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    As the debate over transgender medicalization erupts nationwide and more states pass laws banning the mutilation of adolescents' bodies, one largely unanswered question remains: Why are so many mothers trans-ing their children?