Paul Kengor

Op-ed Contributor


  • France’s faith, France’s loss

    France’s faith, France’s loss

    The Christian faith is in worse shape in Europe than at any time since the first stones of Notre Dame were laid eight-and-a-half centuries ago. And in many respects, France has led the way in the aggressive secularization. Numerous glorious Parisian churches today stand mainly as tourist attractions.

  • George HW Bush’s final words

    George HW Bush’s final words

    The final words of President George H. W. Bush tell us a lot about the kind of man he was, and especially the kind of father he was. 

  • Winston Churchill's Darkest Hour

    Winston Churchill's Darkest Hour

    "Darkest Hour" depicts all of this so beautifully and so, well, visually, which history books and news reels cannot or could not do.