Eric Sapp

Op-Ed Contributor


  • Are We Building a City on a Hill or Fortress of Fear?

    Rather than shaping and framing the deeply moral and personal questions around how our nation and individuals should respond to threats and cope with fear, Christians are increasingly allowing ourselves to be defined by political tribalism and adopting the secular rhetoric and worldview of one side or the other to explain what we believe and why.

  • Trump Isn't the Antichrist but He Is Anti-Christ

    It's not because he was born the night of a blood moon or has more connections to 666 than he does to Kevin Bacon that makes Trump Anti-Christ. Trumps' spirit of fear and emptiness is what should concern Christians.

  • A Democrat's Prayer for President Trump and Hope for America

    I supported Hillary Clinton, and for the first time in my political life argued that Christians could not morally justify voting for one of the candidates. That candidate will now be our next President.

  • I'm Voting for Hillary Clinton Because of Her Emails

    I'm voting for Hillary because I've witnessed her faith in action first hand, because of her life of service dedicated to those Christ focused his attention on, and because — not in spite — of her emails.

  • Hillary's Approach to Abortion Is Like Lincoln's to Slavery

    Ryan Bomberger's reply to my call for reason and an honest look at the facts around abortion highlights precisely why such an approach is necessary.

  • A Democrat's Plea for Reason on Abortion After Hillary Wins

    The question for "pro-life" Christians in the now near-certain upcoming Clinton presidency is: do we want to tackle the problem or continue the dead-end fight over the symptoms?

  • Decrying Democratic 'Christophobia' Is Overblown and Hypocritical

    Last week, Russian hackers released private emails between John Halpin and Jennifer Palmieri (both of whom are Catholic) from when they worked at the Center for American Progress. In the emails, Halpin and Palmieri criticize conservatives like Rupert Murdoch for promoting views Halpin said represented a bastardization of his Catholic faith.

  • Hillary Clinton Is the Best Choice for Voters Against Abortion

    In my recent op-ed on how there was no Biblically-consistent way for evangelicals to justify voting for Trump, I touched on the false promises Republicans—and Trump in particular—have been making around abortion.

  • Trump's Offer to Christians Is Same Offer Devil Made Christ

    As an evangelical and member of the Global Advisory Board of Christian Post's parent company, I was heartbroken to read CP's recent editorial telling evangelicals that we have a moral obligation to vote and must vote for either Donald Trump or a protest candidate.