Frank Turek

CP Op-Ed Contributor


  • 5 fatal flaws in transgender ideology

    Many people who support transgender surgery and cross-sex hormones may be well-intentioned, but the transgender ideology behind those intentions is fraught with fatal flaws. Here are just five of many.

  • When Hollywood gets God and virtue right

    Your kids are probably watching those movies anyway (if not, they are hearing about them from their friends or online). So why not use the aspects of these films that convey truth and virtue to reinforce those things in your kids?

  • The most important person of interest in history (book review)

    Cold-Case Homicide Detective J. Warner Wallace makes that exact case in his astonishing new book Person of Interest.  Wallace shows the unparalleled impact a murdered Jewish preacher from an obscure corner of the ancient Roman Empire has had on the world over the past two thousand years. 

  • Daddy, Can I Kill It?

    For the past fifty years Leftists in academia, the media, and Hollywood, have been cheering on casual sex as if the nature of sex itself is merely physical. It's little more than a sport. So why are Leftists now outraged to hear that some teenage boy may have actually pursued sexual conquest as if it were merely a sport?

  • Crazy College Courses and the Religion of Sex

    While conservatives believe in changing their behavior to fit reality, today's new liberals seem hell-bent on changing reality to fit their behavior.

  • Why Didn't God Heal Nabeel Qureshi?

    While it seems insensitive to ask this while we grieve, people are wondering why didn't God heal Nabeel. After all, he was a brilliant and charismatic young man taken away from his wife Michelle and daughter Ayah, and the rest of us, far too early. Nabeel had so much more to give to his family and the Kingdom of God that his death seems completely senseless.

  • Jesus Predicted Trump and Clinton

    Jesus and the biblical authors predicted this thousands of years ago. Not that Trump and Clinton would be opponents in this election. But that people throughout history would behave like Trump and Clinton.

  • To Christians Who Can't Vote for Trump or Clinton

    There's a new bumper sticker that says, "I already hate our next president!" Indeed, many folks can't see enough good reasons to vote for either Trump or Clinton.

  • 7 LGBTQ Contradictions

    "People almost invariably arrive at their beliefs not on the basis of proof but on the basis of what they find attractive," said Blaise Pascal. Indeed, attraction not reason is the engine of the LGBTQ movement.

  • Can Bruce Springsteen Refuse to Play a Gay Wedding?

    I agree with Bruce Springsteen who cancelled his concert in my adopted home state of North Carolina because he objected to HB2 (the bathroom law).