Jay Dennis

CP Guest Contributor


  • Preying in church: Confronting sexual offenders who come to church

    As a pastor for almost four decades, I have faced my share of storms in ministry. But in October of 2007 a pastor’s worst nightmare took place. A man we all loved and trusted who served as one of our volunteers in student ministry shocked us. He had used his volunteer position to groom and lure young men into his web of sexual deception.

  • Gillette or Jesus: Who defines your manhood?

    What is masculinity? If you listen to the “leave-God-out-of-it” voices in our culture, the word masculinity is negative for the most part. But if you define masculinity through the life of Jesus, the Perfect Man, it is healthy and positive.

  • Pornography and Pastors

    Pornography has invaded the homes of the members of your church. Someone you know, someone you love, someone you are close to, is struggling at some level. Let me first address a pastor's personal struggle and then how to approach the subject in church.