Joseph D'Souza and Noel Yeatts

CP Guest Contributors


  • India is marred by deep descent into communal hatred

    Indians recently watched footage on social media of a school teacher in North India instigating students to punish and slap a Muslim boy. While the students violently assaulted the boy, the teacher engaged in hateful propaganda against Muslims. Similar incidents against Muslims and Dalits have occurred in northern India recently.

  • Why we must rethink our modern missions model

    Take, for example, the lingo used by missions organizations. Many still use old language which triggers deep hostilities and violence against Christians. Terms like “conversion” or “unreached people groups” cause great trouble. 

  • Christmas means trouble for Christians in India

    For a couple of decades, Christmas has meant trouble for Indian Christians. During the holiday, Hindu extremists ramp up attacks on Christian churches and organizations, always with the same accusations of force and fraudulent conversions.

  • Will Indian Dalit get the same fair shake as Britain's Rishi Sunak?

    If Indians allowed Dalits and other oppressed peoples to rise up and finish the work that Ambedkar began, as the people of America and South Africa have done, this would be the turning point for a truly representative Indian democracy and also for the world.

  • A lesson from women in Iran on human rights

    When will Islam’s religious leaders and political powers realize that it is impossible for things to remain the same when it comes to women’s rights?

  • The caste struggle for human equality has come to America

    Yet it is unclear how comfortable she is in addressing the caste issue because of her strong friendships with many elitist upper caste Indian friends in business, media, and religious circles.

  • Pope Francis' apology is something the Church must learn from

    Our self-sacrificing love for the people God loves can never be merely about making more Christians. They need to be treated as fully human, not viewed as “people groups” to Christianize. 

  • How should people of faith worldwide respond to the Dobbs decision?

    When courts take on the roles of the executive branch and the legislative branch of government, they cause enormous confusion for institutions of democracy.

  • The unravelling of public discourse in evangelical Christianity

    When Christians resort to mob justice with regards to criminal activity, whether that’s sexual abuse, financial fraud, or anything else, we end up descending into tribalism in a failed attempt to bring justice.

  • The right to privacy is sacrosanct

    Unfortunately, most governments today ascribe to themselves god-like powers, attempting to know the private lives of all citizens. But when privacy is violated, free will is jeopardized. God knows all, yet does not violate our free will.