Joseph D'Souza and Noel Yeatts

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  • Father Stan Swamy is a martyr and should be declared a saint

    By following his Master, Jesus, Father Stan Swamy is the latest Church martyr. Many Indian citizens across all religious and social lines are shocked that Swamy died while in police custody in prison. The U.N., EU and a host of other forums have said he was arrested under false charges. His death under the most inhumane conditions is a blot against Indian society.

  • Why the free world must boldly confront China

    Americans now seem to be realizing what we in the Republic of India have long accepted: Dealing with Communist China is incredibly complex and fraught with danger and deception.

  • Condemning Islamic terrorism is not Islamophobia

    As a religious leader myself, I am deeply grieved to have to say something that should be obvious: religiously-motivated violence committed anywhere, by any religious group, must be classified as an act of terror. 

  • Lent: A season to remember how to suffer well

    On Wednesday, Feb. 26 — Ash Wednesday — many members of the global church will enter the Lenten season.

  • Why Trump and Modi's friendship is good for US, India and the world

    President Trump today received one of the most outstanding welcomes ever given by the Indian government to a foreign leader.

  • The Unheard Voices of the #MeToo Movement

    The world calls them prostitutes, but I think that's an oversimplification. They're really victims of a complex form of cultural slavery. Many of these girls are chained to this lifestyle simply to provide for their families.

  • Can Secularism Build a Civilization?

    At heart, the real question Christians all over the world must answer today is whether or not they will hold on to the authority of Scripture and the gospel the church has historically believed in.

  • Remembering the Mothers Who Didn't Get a Mother's Day

    At 1 month old and only four pounds heavy, Hilda was severely malnourished, and her mother could not afford the formula or care she needed, no matter how hard she worked. Nearly 50 percent of Guatemalan children under 5 are stunted.

  • A Reckoning Has Come: What the News Media in the US and India Have in Common

    Thanks to the gaffes and the blatant bias of some reporters, the credibility of the American press has been heavily damaged.

  • The Unseen Culprits Behind Human Trafficking

    We consider modern-day slavery a "good" vs. "bad" problem that can be solved with more police raids and criminal prosecutions. Yet, when we look at the underlying issues, it's rarely that straightforward. There are forms of cultural slavery, so ingrained in a society, they're considered normal and acceptable.