Joseph D'Souza and Noel Yeatts

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  • Indian Teen Who Earned Near Perfect Score on State Exams Hangs Herself

    When Shanmugam Anitha hung herself in her home early this September, she had already accomplished the impossible. India's disparate and inequitable education system dashed the dreams of Anitha and of thousands of other bright minds in Tamil Nadu.

  • Violence Will Never Be the Remedy for Our Conflicts

    Supremacism is not only an American problem. It's an Indian problem, too. In India, supremacism has long been sparking violence.

  • India PM Modi Resets Relationship With Israel

    Indo-Israeli relations entered a new phase when Prime Minister Modi landed in Israel this week.

  • A Monumental Shift in India's Caste System

    The basis of India's caste system is the preservation of the purity of blood, and, if India is honest with herself, such ideology is a close cousin to the Aryanism that drove Nazi Germany to eventually murder countless millions in order to promote "racial purity."

  • I Will Be 214 the Day Women Achieve Income Equality

    Two hundred fourteen: That's how old I would be the day women across the world finally achieve income equality.

  • I Found Hope in Thailand's Red-Light District

    This week, thousands of high school and college students, pastors, and even Hollywood actors, country music stars, congress members, and NFL and NBA athletes posted selfies with red "X"s on the back of their hands on social media.

  • How One Christmas Gift Transformed the Life of a Rwandan Family

    In this holiday season, when everyone is thinking about giving back, I'd like to share with you the story of how one Christmas gift transformed the life of a Rwandan family:

  • Is the Trump Team Anti-Semitic?

    Charges of anti-Semitism continue to be thrown around as a tool of political rhetoric in America. We saw it all again in recent days when Steve Bannon, former executive chairman of Breitbart, was appointed chief strategist for the coming administration.

  • India's New Money Policy Hurts Poor the Most

    On the day the U.S. elected Donald Trump as president, Prime Minister Modi of India announced a sudden midnight decision to demonetize 86 percent of India's cash economy

  • The Democrats' Big Mistake: Ignoring the Silent Majority

    Looking back at the 2016 U.S. election, there's no doubt that Hillary Clinton's worst moment was calling Trump supporters a "basket of deplorables." With one stroke she alienated America's silent majority — the conservatives in faith and those left out by globalization.