Ken Blackwell

CP Op-Ed Contributor

J. Kenneth Blackwell is Chairman of the Center For Election Integrity at the America First Policy Institute. He formerly served as Ohio Treasurer and Secretary of State.


  • Tehran's reign of terror requires a rapid response

    Prominent Spanish politician, Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, president of the International Committee in Search of Justice and former vice president of the European Parliament, was shot in the face in broad daylight. The audacious act of terror serves as a stark wake-up call to the escalating audacity of Tehran's mullahs.

  • The crime wave in America is crippling our nation

    Soros prosecutors hold themselves out as upright people with big minds and bigger hearts. But their refusal to take shoplifting seriously is a boon for the worst criminals on earth.

  • For Middle East peace, US must ally with Iranian people

    The time for a strategic approach toward the Iranian regime is before us. And the solution might be where the West has paid the least attention to in the past three decades, i.e. the Iranian people.

  • Black history as American history

    These examples, and countless others like them, testify to the truth that Black history is an integral part of American history — not set apart as something in contradiction to the story of American life, but a vital part of our national identity.  

  • Establishment media continue to cover for Biden

    Because Biden’s polls are in the 30s, they have to acknowledge his abject failures because otherwise they lose what little credibility they have left with Middle America. Needing to say something, they want someone who is going to perhaps slap Biden on the wrist, but not really unpack why he has been a miserable failure of a president.

  • Big Tech isn't only cancelling our voice, but our vote as well

    Regardless of any potential congressional regulations, you know Big Tech is shutting down your voice, but what you may not know is that Big Tech is also shutting down your vote.

  • A small school board victory for critical race theory opponents

    It took many struggles and many, many brave individuals to bring about the Civil Rights movement and then the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Could either of those achievements have happened if we were not able to build upon the foundation of freedom, equality, and self-governance?

  • Brnovich v. DNC turned the tide in the war for election integrity

    Brnovich was only the first battle. But there is every reason to suspect that the upcoming legal challenges will go the same way. They have most of the same features, and the Left’s legal attacks against them are always the same.

  • The Left’s next move is even worse than HR 1

    For over 200 years, states have run their own elections. The Left should stop trying to fundamentally transform our country and our Constitution. The U.S. Congress should stay out of election reform.

  • The New York Times' ironic coverage of the 'woke' ACLU

    The Times needs to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they believe in free speech at all.