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  • Study: Compensation for Pastors Keeping Pace with Inflation

    Study: Compensation for Pastors Keeping Pace with Inflation

    Compensation for full-time Southern Baptist pastors is rising slightly faster than inflation, but the mounting cost of benefits is forcing churches to provide fewer pastors with medical insurance.

  • Study: American 'Millennials' Value Family Most

    When asked what\'s important in life, most American \"Millennials\" – those born between 1980 and 1991 – say family comes first, ahead of friends, education, careers and even religion.

  • Survey: Protestant Pastors View Islam with Suspicion

    Protestant pastors in the U.S. have a negative view of Islam and more than half agree with Franklin Graham\'s statement that Islam is an \"evil\" religion, according to a just-released study by LifeWay Research. More than 4 in 10 agree that Islam is dangerous and promotes violence.

  • More Churches Opening Than Closing Despite Lack of Support

    A newly released LifeWay Research survey of 1,004 Protestant pastors found only 3 percent of their churches served as the primary sponsor of a church plant (new congregation) during the previous 12 months, and only 14 percent gave financial support in partnership with other churches to help start new congregations.

  • Pastors Still Value, Use Seminary Education

    Protestant pastors put high value on their seminary education and regularly integrate their learning into the way they lead and serve their congregations, newly released information from LifeWay Research shows.

  • Churches Not Yet Enjoying Economic Rebound

    Churches Not Yet Enjoying Economic Rebound

    While the U.S. economy shows signs of experiencing a \"jobless recovery,\" the country\'s 10 percent unemployment rate is keeping church budgets in a bind, a new study by LifeWay Research found.

  • 'Islam Is a Dangerous Religion,' Most American Pastors Say

    The survey of more than 1,000 Protestant pastors found 45 percent strongly agree with the statement "I believe Islam is a dangerous religion," and 21 percent agree somewhat.

  • Survey Examines Protestant Preaching on Marriage, Abortion

    Newly released data from LifeWay Research describe the beliefs of Protestant pastors on the sanctity of human life, biblical marriage and religious liberty, and how often they discuss these issues in church.