William Wolfe

Op-ed contributor


  • Yes, Christians should run for the school board

    Last I checked, we still live in a representative republic. Elections are won and lost with regularity (again, see Florida). Christians can run for the school board — and win. They can serve on the school board, for the glory of God and the good of their neighbors.

  • The transgender movement brings the horrors of Frankenstein to life

    America has a real problem. A monster problem. But the monsters aren’t the poor children who fall prey to these evil scientists. No, the real monsters are the doctors themselves. It’s past time for our state and federal lawmakers to permanently ban these surgeries, shutter “gender clinics,” and protect our children from transgender madness and permanent mutilation.

  • The pro-life movement needs to rebound from the confusion in Kansas

    God is the God of the entire universe. Is He not the God of Kansas, too? Yes, of Kansas too. And we can count on that.

  • How some Christians misunderstand what really matters in the Church

    Let’s get back to the truth. And by doing so, leave behind the last decade of divisive diversity rhetoric, grounded in unbiblical and illogical conceptions of what Heaven will look like. Our churches here on earth will be better — and more heavenly — for it.

  • Yes, Christians are being persecuted in America. Here’s how we can respond

    Despite what some may claim, Christians are being persecuted in America.

  • What June meant to me: Mourning my brother in a busy month

    Amid the rainbow flags and (now) the celebrations over the end of Roe, June reminds me of the “sharp knife of a short life” that was the 15 years I had with Evan. It also reminds me that Jesus wins.

  • Paint it black: Mourning the month of June

    For we know that the colors we all need most are the red of Christ’s blood poured out for sins on the cross and the white of His righteousness which covers over all of our sins. Mourning may last for a night, but joy can come in the morning (or in July) for all those who repent of their sins and turn to Christ for salvation.

  • 3 ways the Protestant Reformation reshaped Christianity

    These Reformation recoveries, this reshaping of our lives and teaching as Christians, have served as guideposts for over 500 years so far. And should the Lord tarry, we trust that they will continue to guide the way for 500 more years yet to come.

  • We need to rethink the relationship between the Church and the state. Start by remembering that the Church wins.

    The Church can be confident that it will be the final institution left standing, as all earthly governments dissolve at the return of Christ, and blow away into the wind like chaff. In other words, in the end, the Church wins. So, we should act like it now.

  • America’s transdemic

    I fear much ground has already been gained by the transgender movement. Still, Christ is King, and we are His subjects, willing or not. And He is a gracious King, who may yet bring restoration now even as we await future redemption.