William Wolfe

Op-ed contributor


  • 303 Creative vs. the world: How religious liberty hangs in the balance

    What kind of future do Christians have in America? Will it be one in which we are able to live our lives freely before the face of God, following Him faithfully in all areas and in all callings — including the workplace and the public square — without persecution?

  • 4 steps to inoculate your children against progressive mind virus

    One political philosopher put the goal of liberal progressivism in rather stark terms. He said, “Progressivism is, at its core, the hatred of your father and the rejection of God.”

  • The (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act advances

    Even if our society destroys the only stable foundation for human flourishing, as Christians and conservatives we know that we can, with God’s help, rebuild from the rubble. We will do it one family, one marriage, at a time.

  • A New York judge delivers justice for the unvaccinated. When will pastors and Christian leaders do the same?

    Just as surely as this earthly judge delivered some measure of justice for the wrongly fired workers, we can count on the fact that the Heavenly Judge will deliver even greater justice for all His sheep, and especially those who suffered vaccine injuries after being pressured to get vaccinated by their pastors.

  • God’s sovereignty and human responsibility: A debate for the ages

    While I don’t want to adjudicate the Calvinist vs. Arminian debate here, I hope to shed some historical light on the general conversation and help us understand the overall debate a bit better.

  • 3 things I’ve learned from being a father of three

    During the final few months of my wife’s second pregnancy, our son had more or less stopped growing in the womb. This made things tense, to say the least. Each night, then, as I put our firstborn down to bed, and sang “It Is Well With My Soul,” I was confronted and comforted by the words that came out of my mouth.

  • Let the world call us fools — so long as God calls us faithful

    As the martyred Christian missionary Jim Elliot reminds us, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.” So we can be OK with being called a fool on this day because we know that we will be vindicated on that final day when the faith of “fools” is turned into sight.

  • How the transgender movement hurts everyone

    The truth that transgenderism so desperately tries to suppress is that it’s impossible to change your gender because it’s impossible to change your sex. Period. It has never happened and it will never happen.

  • 3 ways to jumpstart your Christian discipleship

    Whomever you are, and whatever stage of life you’re in, I want to offer three simple steps for helping jumpstart your discipleship.

  • Churches can’t avoid politics — and they shouldn’t try

    When the Church and Christians fight for justice in the public square through political means, amazing things can happen — whether that is ending the British slave trade, working to help overturn Roe, or bravely keeping a church open in defiance of absurd government mandates, as John MacArthur and other pastors did in 2020. The Church cannot avoid being political. Too much is at stake.