Samsung Galaxy J7 Catches Fire Mid-Flight?

Samsung has worked hard to bury the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 in the past. Recently, the tech giant released the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which is arguably the best phablet that the market has to offer. Critics gave positive reviews for the smartphone. However, recent reports have revealed that although no reports of an exploding Note 8 has yet to surface, a Samsung Galaxy J7 has caught on fire during a mid-air flight.

Essential Phone News: Smartphone Receives $200 Price Cut

The smartphone competition has reached an unprecedented level of competition in the recent years. Tech giants are vying for the attention of the consumers by optimizing the performance and aesthetics of their flagship smartphones. Meanwhile, newbies in the smartphone market are doing their best to keep up, including Android co-founder Andy Rubin's company. The Essential Phone was just recently launch, and reports have revealed that the company deemed it necessary to cut the price of the smartphone from $699 to $499.

'Destiny 2' News: No Halloween Event This Year and On The Dawning

Developed by Bungie, "Destiny 2" has been one of the favorites in the gaming community. It has been recognized for its visuals, plotline, and gameplay, and it seems that the fans thoroughly enjoyed what it has offer. Considering that Halloween is on the horizon andhow many game developers have announced their own event for the holiday, fans were curious to know if "Destiny 2" will be receiving its own Halloween event. Bungie's community manager David Dague responded quickly.

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