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10 Times Barack Obama Pleased Evangelicals

10 Times Barack Obama Pleased Evangelicals

The Cross at Mount Soledad Memorial near San Diego, California. | (Photo: The Liberty Institute)

5. Support of the Mt. Soledad Cross

In 2012, Obama's Justice Department filed an amicus brief on behalf of the effort to keep a 29-foot-tall cross at Mt. Soledad War Memorial in California from being removed.

Secular groups had sued to get the cross removed from the area, however the DOJ brief argued that a lower court decision calling for the censorship of the memorial was wrong.

"The decision below, if permitted to stand, calls for the government to tear down a memorial cross that has stood for 58 years as a tribute to fallen service members," read the brief in part.

"Nothing in the Establishment Clause compels that result, because the Establishment Clause does not require eradication of all religious symbols in the public realm."

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