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3 'Best,' 3 'Worst' New TV Shows for Families in Fall Lineup: Parents Television Council

3 'Best,' 3 'Worst' New TV Shows for Families in Fall Lineup: Parents Television Council

3 Best Shows of Fall 2018


PTC ranks the CW's new series "All American" as a safe bet for family-friendly entertainment and arguably the "most inspirational" show in the new fall lineup.

PTC praised "All-American" for showing that "black and white, rich and poor can coexist together."

"All-American" is about a promising young high school football player named Spencer James from inner city Los Angeles who is given an opportunity to play for a team in Beverly Hills.

The series focuses on his life as he commutes from his impoverished neighborhood in Crenshaw to the wealthy town in Los Angeles County. Spencer struggles to maintain friendships in both communities.

The All-American will air on Oct. 10.

"'All American' is a joy, an inspirational, extremely well-crafted and well-acted tale of two worlds, and the young man who moves between them, navigating hazards all the way," the PTC guide explains. "The program avoids making either Beverly Hills or Crenshaw look perfect; life in each is shown to come with its own plusses, pitfalls, and perils, all of which require dedication and strength of character to overcome."

Samuel James graduated from Boyce College with a degree in theology and philosophy. He writes for Commonwealth Policy Center and am is a contributing writer for The Christian Post.


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