3-Year-Old Killed by Garage Door: Toddler Killed in Tragic Accident in Maryland

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(Photo: Reuters/Carlo Allegri)A police crime scene.

A 3-year-old has been killed by garage door in Maryland in what appears to be a tragic accident, according to authorities.

The toddler was reportedly left unattended for a short while, and managed to start playing around with the remote control to the garage door. The young girl is thought to have been opening and closing the door repeatedly for a while when she got caught under it as it came down on top of her.

The little girl's mother reportedly found her crushed and pinned down under the door. Tragically the toddler died from her injuries from the incident.

According to WUSA 9, Charles County Sheriff's officials explained that the girl's mother was inside the house at the time the little girl was crushed. It is believed that the girl was originally with the mother in the main part of the house, but managed to wander off and found a way to get into the garage. There, she found the remote control to the garage door.

Authorities are currently investigating the circumstances of the death, and have said that they are looking into whether the sensors on the door were working or not. The door was reportedly one with sensors that should have detected any objects beneath the door and stopped before hitting or crushing anything.

Police have confirmed that there is no indication of foul play in the accident and they are treating the death as a tragic accident. They also believe that the little girl died from asphyxiation.

Charles County Sheriff's spokesperson Diane Richardson has said, "The door came down and pinned her and ended up asphyxiating her. We're testing them now to see if there may have been any malfunctions."

When the mother found her daughter she was still alive. Emergency services were called and the girl was rushed to hospital, but unfortunately she later died from her injuries.