4-Month-Old Baby Dies After Alleged Sexual Assault by Drug Addled 19-Y-O Man

(Photo: Screen Grab/KOB 4)Elijah Fernandez (l), allegedly sexually abused 4-month-old Izabella (r), earlier this month while her mother did laundry. The physical injuries resulted in her death in Albuquerque, N.M., on Feb. 23, 2014.

A 4-month-old baby girl died in New Mexico Sunday after suffering what police describe as an allegedly brutal sexual assault by her mother's 19-year-old boyfriend, the details of which are so graphic they cannot be aired.

"That baby, because of the trauma to her body, was rushed to the hospital right away and a full investigation was launched," Officer Simon Drobik told KOB 4 of the incident prior to the death of the baby, identified as Izabellah. "I literally cannot explain to you what happened because it is so graphic you will not be able to air the charges."

Albuquerque Police in New Mexico said that baby Izabellah was stuck on life support battling brain damage and trauma injuries before she was pronounced dead on Sunday.

Her mother, Angelique Montano, had left her with her boyfriend, Elijah Fernandez, 19, while she went to do laundry. Police suspect Fernandez was on drugs when he abused the child.


According to a criminal complaint filed against Fernandez, police responded to a call from the boyfriend of baby Izabellah's grandmother, who told them that the child wasn't breathing.

It was reported that Fernandez and Izabellah's mother often smoked spice (synthetic marijuana). When police got to the apartment, Fernandez reportedly told them that the little girl had fallen off the bed.

"We realized because of the trauma to the baby that that is not what had happened or transpired," said Drobik.
Fernandez later claimed he had slapped the baby because she was crying, but a sexual assault nurse examiner evaluated the baby and discovered that something more sinister had happened.

Fernandez is now facing a charge of child abuse resulting in death and the child's mother might face charges as well.

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