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47 People Fall Ill With Food Poisoning at Oak Glen Christian Conference Center

47 People Fall Ill With Food Poisoning at Oak Glen Christian Conference Center

The Cedar Lodge at the Oak Glen Christian Conference Center in Yucaipa, California. | (Photo: Oak Glen Christian Conference Center)

The Oak Glen Christian Conference Center in Yucaipa, California, was open and "busy" Tuesday despite 47 visitors from several churches becoming ill from food poisoning at the camp on Saturday.

Lana Cao, spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health, told The Los Angeles Times that campers from several churches who were visiting the center began suffering from nausea, vomiting and diarrhea on Saturday night.

According to the Oak Glen Christian Conference Center's Facebook page, members from the Connecting Point Community Church, Grace and Love Church and the Church in Irvine were visiting the campground last weekend.

It is still unclear what resulted in the mass food poisoning at the camp but Jennifer Osorio, who is with the county public health department, told ABC 7 they were investigating.

"We are taking a look at their food process from where they got the food, how they prepared the food and how they served the food to the campers," she said.

The Free Methodist Church in Southern California, who is listed on Oak Glen's website as the owners of the property, was contacted by CP for comment Tuesday but an official there said they are no longer the owners.

"We don't own it anymore. We sold it at least a year ago," Carol Hart of the Free Methodist Church in Southern California told CP Tuesday. When asked who the new owners are, she said, "I wasn't involved in that. I don't know. It's another organization."

When asked if a church organization currently owns the property, she said it was "a combination of several religious organizations that went together and bought it."

In a telephone interview Tuesday, a woman at Oak Glen who gave her name only as Julie said camp director Jerome Wint "says at this time there is no update because we don't have any finalized reports so there is no statement to make at this time."

When asked if the camp was still closed, she said they were open and "very busy." She also would not confirm who owns the campground.

County records highlighted by ABC show that in its most recent food inspection done last summer, the camp received a score of 98 out of 100 and an "A" grade.

At least one large personal injury law firm, Robins Cloud LLP, is already encouraging those who have been affected by the mass poisoning at the facility to investigate whether or not they qualify for a food poisoning lawsuit.

"As the authorities investigate the incident, there is hope that a source of the potential outbreak is found. As the Oak Glen Christian Conference Center is an all-inclusive camp, it is likely that the food served at the location could be the source. The local health authorities may also inspect the premises and interview the victims as to what they may have eaten or drank that day," the firm explained.

"Our firm will continue to investigate the details surrounding this potential outbreak. If you or someone in your family is sick after attending festivities at Oak Glen Christian Conference Center, it is a good idea to seek immediate medical attention," they warned.

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