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5 Christian artists releasing new music in 2019

5 Christian artists releasing new music in 2019

Meredith Andrews, Faith and Wonder – Live (March 8)

Lastly, worship leader and songwriter Meredith Andrews kicked off the new year with a new single and the title track of her upcoming EP, Faith and Wonder (Live).

The song "Faith and Wonder” features Cody Ray Lee and Abbie Simmons.

"Abbie has such an incredible and unique voice and the lyrics of this song speak to my heart in a special way," Andrews shared in a statement about the title track. "It’s about the power in Jesus’ name, living life full of faith and wonder and always having a heart posture of awe in God's presence."

Andrews said her first live EP will be an invitation for the world to experience an exceptional night of congregational worship. The taping took place in downtown Nashville at her home church, The Belonging Co., in September 2018.

For more information on Faith and Wonder (Live), visit her website.


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