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5 Christian artists releasing new music in 2019

5 Christian artists releasing new music in 2019

Switchfoot, Native Tongue (January 18)

Grammy Award-winning rock band Switchfoot is preparing for the release of its next album, Native Tongue, on Jan. 18.

Through the album, the band hopes to promote love as a dialogue in times of division. Marking Switchfoot's 11th studio album, the 14 songs were recorded primarily at Melody League Studios in the band's hometown of San Diego, California. The diverse collection features the band's anthemic title-track and a few of its staple reflective songs.

In a recent interview with The Christian Post, the band's frontman, Jon Foreman, explained the theme of the album.

“I think there's a lot of unrest, there's a lot of reasons for fear, frustration, anger, pain, beauty, joy. It's all mixed in together. I think Native Tongue is born from that and wanting to speak into that. We wanted to make this album as diverse as possible, with every song feeling like it had its own DNA,” he shared.

“The subtext is love is our native tongue but there's a lot of different ways to say it and we're all coming from a different place, hoping to find unity among diversity. Everyone saying and believing and thinking the same thing, that's not unity. That's just one color. You actually have to have different opinions and different beliefs and different understandings of the world for there to be unity and that's what I hope for within my country, within my church, within my family. That's all you can hope for is people loving each other through their differences."

For information on Native Tongue, click here.


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