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5 Things That Happened at Andrew Brunson's Court Hearing in Turkey

5 Things That Happened at Andrew Brunson's Court Hearing in Turkey

4. Wife's embrace

During the 15-minute recess, Norine and her husband were able to embrace in an emotional hug that lasted for about five minutes, according to Devlin.

Andrew and Norine Brunson | (Photo: USCIRF)

"It was the picture of the trial," Devlin said. "They just embraced one another. It was just an emotional time. Everybody was standing and was just thick with emotion looking at those two just hugging each other."

After the 15-minute recess ended, the judges announced their decision.

"We were shell shocked. Through our translators, we learned the judge said, 'Pastor Brunson is guilty. We sentenced him to 3.1 years but he has been in prison for two years and a week. Time served. The travel ban is lifted. We are releasing you. You are free to go. Court dismissed,'" Devlin recalled.

Devlin said the hearing ended so abruptly that he and the other American supporters didn't understand what happened until they got into the courthouse parking lot and were able to talk with interpreters.

Other Americans who attended the hearing included North Carolina Pastor Richard White of Christ Community Church in Montreat, North Carolina; and FRC President Tony Perkins, a commissioner of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

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